The Reed Family, Missionaries to Romania
"Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach ...the unsearchable riches of Christ;" Ephesians 3:8
February 2, 2015
Dear friends and fellow laborers,
     Greetings once again in the Lord! We pray this letter finds you all still standing fast in the Lord and pressing toward the mark. We are doing well, overcoming obstacles and moving forward toward the field of Romania. This month another church was able to partner with us financially, bringing us to about 35% of our needed support.
     January was quite an adventure for us! We started out in New York, where we picked up our new RV home and departed in blowing snow and near-zero temperatures, and attempted to head south. Due to the weather, we had many struggles getting started, including gelled diesel fuel, malfunctioning sensors, and frozen water lines. Nevertheless, we did get underway and moved some of our things out of the rented house in Kentucky, and headed off to North Carolina for a meeting. The trip overheated the transmission in our car that was towed behind, and we were threatened with a $2500 transmission rebuild, but it turned out to need only a $250 fluid flush and fill! Praise the Lord for cutting the bill by 90%! During the few days our car was in the shop, a family graciously lent us their car to use, which was a blessing! Once we arrived in the South, all the frozen things thawed and everything has been MUCH smoother since! We had a great time at the meeting in North Carolina, and were able to participate in several church activities in the week we were there. Then we headed off to Tennessee for another meeting, and spent a week there, and much enjoyed our stay. We ended the month with a missions conference in Alabama, where we again got to see our mission partners, the Zander family. They are headed back to the field in February, and we wish we could go with them!
     February takes us all around again. We need to finish moving out of our house, then we acquired 3 more last-minute meetings, which will take us to New York and back to Tennessee. We are parking the RV in Kentucky while we run up to NY and back, to save some fuel.
     Please continue to pray for us: for safety in travel, that the Lord will enable us to get more meetings scheduled, and that some of the churches where we have presented the ministry will be able to partner with us. Also we need to do a bunch of paperwork in NY in a very short time. Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial support, without which we would not be moving forward.
Serving the King of Kings,
The Reed Family
35 percent
Upcoming States
New York
Home church: Old Paths Bible Baptist Church, 4782 Hall Rd, Holley NY 14470
Support address: Reed Family, All Points Baptist Mission, PO Box 498, New Philadelphia OH 44663