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Dear friends and fellow laborers,

Here we are at the end of May already! It was another busy month, with nine meetings in four different states, albeit states we've been in a lot! We started off heading over to Evansville, Indiana, to Boeke Road Baptist Church, then Louisville, Kentucky, at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. Back over to Evansville to Landmark Baptist Church, up through Ohio, going by Truth Baptist Church in Atwater, Temple Baptist Church in Uniontown, then spent some time at the Bread of Life camp meeting at Fellowship Tract League in Lebanon. Good times there, got to have a small part in sending off a container of 9,500,000 gospel tracts to Peru! While we were in Ohio, Lake Milton Baptist Temple helped us out again, just in time to pay the last few things for the month, which was nice! The last week of May, we went over to Paducah, Kentucky, to Open Door Baptist Church, and also Grace Baptist Church in Madisonville. We finished our string of meetings with a Wednesday night at Freedom Baptist Church in Jackson, Ohio.

Summer is sparse for us, since a lot of churches have other activities going on. It's the time of year people think more about camp meeting, revival meetings, summer camps, and not so much about missions conferences. We only have a couple of meetings per month through the end of the summer, then in September things pick up more. It's nice to have a little lighter schedule, after being in multiple churches every week for 14 of the last 15 weeks. We've already had more meetings in the last 4 months than we had all last year, which should help get the support coming in.

This month, we did have a couple of new supporting churches come on board, as well as a couple of pastors who were fairly certain they will be able to start soon, which brings us up to about 25% of our needed support. We are now at a level where the regular monthly support pays the fixed expenses, and the love offerings from meetings pay the "flexible expenses", like food and gas. :-) With the lighter summer schedule, we will be able to be more involved in the local churches here, joining them for visitation and other efforts to reach the local community. Speaking of the local community, some of our friends have lost family members recently, so if you would, please pray for the Turk, Hartman, and Rutledge families. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support, without both of which this endeavor would not go forward!

Serving the King of Kings,

The Reed Family

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