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The Reed Family, Missionaries to Romania
"Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach ...the unsearchable riches of Christ;" Ephesians 3:8
April 2015
Dear friends and fellow laborers,
     We greet you once again and hope you all are doing well in your service to the Lord! We are pressing on in the efforts to raise the needed funds for departure to Romania. This month, one small church wrote to inform us they could not continue their support due to the loss of some members, but as they did, two others contacted us to say they were partnering with us, which more than made up for the loss! This brings us slightly closer, and we appreciate your prayers with us for others to be able to "get on board" with our ministry.
     During March, we had several meetings and missions conferences in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut. While we were between meetings, our borrowed RV broke in a few different ways, so we went to a RV repair place to get it fixed. What we thought would cost upwards of $2000 was offered to us for just $700, which we still lacked. At the same time, we stopped in at a church which had our packet but had not scheduled us yet, and the pastor decided to have us come and present the ministry the same evening. The love offering taken up covered the bill we had just received! We praise the Lord for his continual provision, especially in the unexpected events! Speaking of unexpected events, someone stole my debit card number this month, but they only got part of the information and could not actually use it. Again the Lord provided that this happened right when we were going to NY, where we can get the replacement card mailed to us. We also had opportunity this month to go out and knock on doors with some of the churches we were in, and saw one person make a profession of faith in Christ! There were also some saved in the services at a couple of the churches we were in!
     In April we will be in New York for our home church's missions conference, as well as another missions conference in the area, and meetings in Maryland and Pennsylvania as well. We are light on meetings going into summer, and we are working to fill some of those spaces.
     Please continue to pray for us: for safety in travel, that the Lord will enable us to get more meetings scheduled, and that some of the churches where we have presented the ministry will be able to partner with us. Please pray also for a family friend who was severely injured in a car accident this month. Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial support, without which we would not be moving forward.
Serving the King of Kings,
The Reed Family
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Upcoming States
New York
Home church: Old Paths Bible Baptist Church, 4782 Hall Rd, Holley NY 14470
Support address: Reed Family, All Points Baptist Mission, PO Box 498, New Philadelphia OH 44663