"Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach ...the unsearchable riches of Christ;" Ephesians 3:8
August 14, 2015
Dear friends and fellow laborers,
     Mid-summer greetings to you all! We have been busy scheduling meetings, presenting the ministry, fixing the RV, and attending our annual training at All Points Baptist Mission. We have had one new church partner with us, and one increase their monthly contribution, which brings us very close to 50 percent support!
     During July, we headed down through the South, with meetings in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. We were able to help a supporting church in Kentucky with some plumbing repairs on our way from Virginia to Tennessee, and visit my parents as well, which was nice! Their 50th wedding anniversary was August 7th. At the church in Tennessee, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a man to Christ, who was brought in through the church bus route! Keep driving those vans and buses! We also had a good meeting in Alabama, met some folks with mutual acquaintances, and had some good fellowship while we were there for 2 weeks. Also we visited some other area churches, making some contacts which should help with spring scheduling! During that time I made a quick run to Texas for a meeting, and got to have some good fellowship with a Romanian from one of the churches we will be helping during our first few years on the field. Back in early July, one rooftop A/C in the RV burned out. This made late July in Alabama very warm, but after one wrong shipment and return, I got it replaced a couple days ago! Thanks to the owner for buying the unit and fellow missionary Shields for helping with the swap! Also, at the missionary meeting this week, I met a man with good contacts that plans to help us get spring meetings in Alaska.
     Please continue to pray for us: for safety in travel, that the Lord will enable us to get more meetings scheduled, and that more of the churches where we have presented the ministry will be able to partner with us. Also we have had to take our son Jay to NY for doctor visits, which are not serious, but require some long, quick runs back to Rochester between meetings. Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial support, without which we would not be moving forward.
Serving the King of Kings,
The Reed Family
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