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The Reed Family, missionaries in Romania
8 March, 2019
Dear friends and fellow laborers,
          Happy spring to you all! You can tell it’s spring because everyone is blazing hot or freezing, sometimes in the same day! Here in Romania, the first of March is celebrated as the beginning of spring, although technically it’s not for a couple of weeks yet.
          One lesson we learned early in our ministry preparations, was to “roll with the punches”. Our plans get changed almost daily, and we just have to go with the new plan, not waste time with worry and frustration. I had to stop my formal language lessons because the teacher became unavailable. In place of formal study, I am writing messages in Romanian for our church services. Cornel corrects my errors, and then I read the finished version in church. This is giving me a lot of practice, and introducing new words and forms that I don’t quite know how to use properly. In addition, I’m using the materials from language class to teach the beginnning lessons to our family. This is good for review, since I forget things, and also is helping to bring our family up to speed.
          Bro. Morgan needs to go to America soon for a family wedding, so we will be filling in for him in Onești again, for a period of four weeks. We will also need to do our two church services here in the city, and our twice-weekly street ministry, alone for two weeks. Cornel will be helping us prepare for the services, but not available to attend. We also will be helping and doing evangelism for a one-day humanitarian outreach in Măieruș. There will be volunteer doctors doing health check-ups and immunizations, and we will be helping to manage the waiting patients, distributing hygiene supplies and snacks, and giving out John & Romans.
          We have been busy with travel and guests this past month. First, I had to go to America for a week because they made me renew my driver’s license in person. I need to have my NY license in good order, to be able to transfer it into a Romanian one. When I returned, Christa’s family came to visit us for 10 days, which we enjoyed. We also are expecting one of Christa’s friends to come for about a week this month. It’s been very nice, especially for Christa, to have her friends and family visit!
            Please continue to pray for us: for language learning, for opportunities to witness and minister here, and for the church body to grow together. Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial support, without which we would not be moving forward.
Serving the King of Kings,
Daniel, Christa, Erin, Joseph, and Jay Reed
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