"Hast thou an arm like God? or canst thou thunder with a voice like him? Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty." Job 40:10
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Wed 7/9
Trinity Baptist Church
Oxford, AL

Sun 7/13
Victory Baptist Church

Millbrook, AL

Sun 7/27
Trinity Baptist Church

Waynesburg, PA


Current support level

26 percent

Dear friends and fellow laborers,

Greetings once again from your fellow servants in Christ! This month, I have thought of that verse often, as this area in Kentucky seems particularly prone to sudden, powerful thunderstorms. At the beginning of June, we have a powerful storm come through the area it wasn't technically a tornado, but 70+ mph circular winds are pretty wild! A big, mostly-dead tree in our front yard was knocked into the road, but only took out the power line to the garage, which isn't hooked up anyway. The tree was pretty bug-eaten, and every time we would come home, Erin would say, "Maybe the tree fell down while we were gone!", and this time, she was right! It happened while we were at Teays Valley Baptist Church for their 50th Jubilee. Great preaching by several evangelists, over 100 pastors and about 20 missionaries came over the course of the 5-day meeting. We were supposed to have 2 meetings on the 15th, but one had to reschedule for September, so we just went to Bethany Baptist in Medina, Ohio that Sunday, and since their evening service was in the early afternoon, we also stopped by Lake Milton to visit the folks there.

July will take us to Alabama and Pennsylvania. We are scheduled to be in the Birmingham and Montgomery areas, and then up toward Pittsburgh at the end of the month. I've been able to contact some more pastors and fill in some more meetings through the fall and into next spring, but the summer is pretty much shot due to conflicting schedules. I've heard that the upper Midwest churches have missionaries in the summer, but just found that out this month, which is too late for scheduling.

This month, we had another church take us on, bringing us up to about 26% of the needed support. We have also been attending the local churches here, and going on visitation with them as well, since we've been staying local this month. Please pray for us as we continue working to raise support and get to Romania. Also, please pray for our partners in Romania, Adam and Rodica Zander, that the Lord would sustain them on the field while they wait for us to come and help. Also pray for the churches here in America, that the pastors would have wisdom as they minister in some tough situations, and that the Lord would bless them and make their ministries fruitful, as they have been faithful to the Word of God. Lastly, and probably least, we are beginning to have some minor mechanical issues with the car, after about 65,000 trouble-free miles, and will have to get it some skilled attention soon, which may or may not be cheap.

Serving the King of Kings,

The Reed Family

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