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Bird, Beckett and beyond
it's complex, like fine wine...

At home, there's much to entertain, edify and inspire:

Tonight, Thursday 4/4/19, 7:30pm
Three Heads Gone: a collaborative serial poem
book release reading
Dunagan - Koohbor - Lazzara

Friday 4/5/19, 5:30pm
Oop Bob Sh'Bam
Molina - Logas - Chinn - Reilly - Lateano

Saturday 4/6/19, 7:30pm
Erik Jekabson Quintet
Jekabson - Knudsen - Saunders - Wiitala - Flores

Sunday 4/7/19, 2pm
Random Poetics
a talk by Neeli Cherkovski

Sunday 4/7/19, 4:30pm
Brittany Biala Trio
Biala - Orzel - Bohrer

Monday 4/8/19, 7:00pm
RJAM Jazz Jam
SFConservatory students host
Open to college and high school players

Next weekend, Friday to Monday
Grant Levin Trio / Knucklebean (Eddie Marshall's music) / James Mahone Quartet / Ecopoetry book event / Music at Large (Lewis Jordan Ensemble) / The Seducers / Poets Ronald Sauer & Agneta Falk + open mic

check the website for descriptions! click here!

There's plenty here and plenty more beyond...
Take it in and put it to use.

Last night at SFJazz, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Laura Brief & Sean San José offered fabulous food for thought on how writing and performance work as tools to situate the artist and their people in the world, shed the chains, embody the received cultural knowledge that's passed along, indomitable. And Bamuthi's not done, not by a long shot...

Come to tonight's collaborative reading at Bird & Beckett (Dunagan-Koohbor-Lazzara), then 
catch one of the call-and-response poetry programs at SFJazz ($10 ticket in the Joe Henderson Lab) that Bamuthi, the SFJazz Poet Laureate through 2020, has conceived.  In those sessions, tonight through Sunday, Bamuthi will perform a piece keyed from a cultural touchstone of each poet's choosing, which the poet will then answer with their own work. 

Pianist Brad Mehldau is in the main room at that grand bastion of jazz each night through Sunday; that ain't too shabby, if you can afford it.

He'll expand your mind and remind you as well what amazing jazz you'll find back home at Bird & Beckett - sweet and swingin' with Oop Bop Sh'Bam; fiery and complex with Erik Jekabson's Quintet; spunky, soulful & fresh with Brittany Biala's trio. 

And when you've taken in Bamuthi & company, you'll find Neeli Cherkovski on Sunday afternoon musing on some of the thoughts on poetics that have been rattling around in your brain. You can engage Neeli directly and take it as far as you want.

And thinking a bit more about jazz in the world... over in the Haight last night, after SFJazz had tucked itself in for the night, Steven Lugerner and his band Jacknife held forth brilliantly on the music of the great alto saxophonist Jackie McLean.


Lugerner will be here at the end of the month, April 27th, with his band he calls the SLUGish Ensemble -- a sextet in this case, including two of the players that were at the Deluxe with him in Jacknife last night... the formidable drummer Michael Mitchell and a brilliant pianist I hadn't previously heard, Javier Santiago.

The music of this band has been praised far and wide: Sound On Sound describes it as “ volatile, cathartic flare-ups and Art Ensemble-like interplay;”  "a textured, nearly seamless blend of composition and improvisation" says the Village Voice; another reviewer, Dave Sumner, writes of the "unending sparkle off its facets and how the melody reflects off each curve, bend and sharp edge."

Steven describes it as "an amoeba-like musical gathering that creates pocketed-grooves and melodies that blur the lines between pop, rhythm & blues, jazz improvisation and minimalism."

Your B&B proprietor will be out of town, more's the pity, so he'll be relying on your ears and accounts and the evidence of the band's recent CD "An Eight Out of Nine." Snag me a copy, would you? And get one for yourself to take home. 

While I'm gone, you'll at last have the chance to help with the chairs at the end of the night. Fancy that!

But I'll take care of them tonight.

Love you madly,

/s/ Eric, prop., since 1999
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