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Kahil El'Zabar has to fly out of Chicago today, and we're keeping our fingers crossed. He was scheduled to fly Thursday, and that wasn't happening. But at this writing, planes are taking off with just a 15 minute delay on the runways. Trumpeter Corey Wilkes is out of Chicago, too; bari sax player Alex Harding is coming from Detroit.

So keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for announcements. 

They're the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, on tour as they are each February, Black History Month -- this time in support of the documentary film on the group, called "Be Known."
There's a link on our website you can follow for a taste of that.

This will be the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble's third annual appearance here at Bird & Beckett; Kahil's fourth engagement,  when you factor in his 2017 duo date with the tenor sax giant David Murray, an Oaktown native... Kahil has 45+ years in the business at the highest level, with dozens of records on Delmark and other crucial labels. His Ritual Trio and the EHE have been active all those years.

With luck, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble will be here
Friday night, the late show, 9pm.

Come give them your love and accept their gift of music.
African-American Music!
Jazz, in an exhalted state!

If their planes can't get off the ground, we'll reschedule.
Life is unpredictable, always--and certainly in these times of climate change that we have a responsibility to confront.

Our hearts go out to climate victims everywhere, from Paradise to Puerto Rico, from Bangladesh to the Horn of Africa.
And our own loved ones, be they in Chicagoland or Santa Rosa.

We've allowed this mess to happen; it's not like we weren't warned, couldn't have made different choices. 

Likewise, we've stood by as racism covert and overt has wreaked untold damage on our brothers and sisters.

How Long 'til Black Future Month?

In Glen Park, it's balmy and beautiful!

...and our fine local musicians and poets just have to negotiate the cross-town traffic and the occasional bridge!
This evening (Friday 2/1/19) at 5:30pm: Rob Reich's new thing is the swing thing, "Swings Left." Everybody's talking about their pair of record release dates! The dance party was at that essential Berkeley dance palace, Ashkenaz, a few nights ago. Tonight, they dig deep and swing happy, concert style at Bird & Beckett! Dancing in the aisles is perfectly ok with us, or you can tap your tow, bob your head and snap your fingers in one of our cushioned folding chairs. If you've ever been to Bird & Beckett, you'll know it's perfectly close to heaven!  Esp if you b.y.o.b. Share it, and the music, with a friend! $20 is great, $10 is cool, $5 if that's all you got, free if you've just sent your last dime to PG&E, or better, a diaster relief fund somewhere.

Friday night, 9:00 pm, Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. First stop on their national "Be Known" tour. Kicking off Black History Month! $20 cover; $10 for students, musicians, limited income.

check our website at for detail on these dates!

Saturday night, 7:30 pm, come out for the Hard Bop Collective - Daniel Casares, sax; Jordan Samuels, guitar; Tomoko Funaki, bass; Austin Lee Harris, drums! This jazz in the pocket, just like we like it. The exhuberence of bebop taken to the deep groove of hard bop... it's the transit from Bird to Blakey. Bring your ears and your warm pulse, and you'll by flying high. $20 cover; $10 for students, musicians, limited income.

Sunday afternoon, 4:30, the Dan Neville Latin Quartet, with Dan on vibs, Adrian Areas-Moperc on tumbadoras, Jordan Drysk on bass and Brian Andres on drums. Ah, the warmth of the latin sun! That'll git it! You're gonna want to use those aisles for dancing on this one, too! What beautiful musicians! Time and again at Bird & Beckett, they deliver across the spectrum of cultures. $20 is great, $10 is cool, less if you can't manage that much.

Sunday night, 7:30, more Chicagoans glad of their escape from that windy and cold city. The band is called Twin Talk, for their intuitive communicative talents. There are three of them, so more's the better for that, eh!? It's jazz in an avant garde bag, and it's pure fascination. Four dates in five days in California, then it's back to the Chicago for this trio of twin talkers! The buzz is electric, so come hear for them.

And Monday, 7:30, poets! Aileen Cassinetto, Poet Laureate of San Mateo County and Connie Post and Poet Laureate Emeritus of Livermore. With our own, Kim Shuck, Poet Laureate of San Francisco Poet Laureate, and peripatetic channeler of the mystic, Jerry Ferraz.  Oh, and you! in the open mic! 
The new issue of Downbeat
has it right!
Bird & Beckett is a key San Francisco jazz venue!

"Boasting venues like Black Cat, Red Poppy Art House and Bird & Beckett Books and Records, San Francisco is a great jazz city with a colorful past and a vibrant contemporary scene."
Plenty more on the horizon at Bird & Beckett! Check our website for next weekend's schedule. Including the great vocalist Ed Reed, celebrating his 90th birthday, next Saturday night! Talk about Black History Month!!!
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