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Hey guys! 

This past full moon I went hiking into the woods near a spot that is known as an energy vortex. 

It's down the side of a mountain, pocketed inside the crook of a creek, and in it, lies a field of boulders. This space is underneath a canopy of dense forest, and if you walk through it or past it around dusk, people are known to hear things, see things, and sense things. 

Since we just passed the full moon and we're cradled in between it and a high-intensity time of year for the spirit world, we're entering a very active time for the spirits. Over 13 different cultures celebrate spirits and their world this time of year, and because of that, it draws in the connection. So if you're super sensitive to the spirit world, I recommend avoiding any place that is like this one for the next few weeks. 

I mean, if you're already exhausted by the crowds, then don't go out holiday shopping over Thanksgiving weekend! That's all I'm saying here. It's okay to stay home. 

But, here are a few other things you could do: 

- Dig in on the new blogs. I posted two blogs on my website this weekend, check them out: - Find out what your spirit guide looks like. Brandy Woods, the psychic medium of Spirit Song Art, has just started offering individually channeled spirit guide paintings. I've always wanted to do this, fun! What a talent. Check her out here to get your commission going - I'm not sure how long her waitlist is! And her prices are currently *very* reasonable. 

- Identify a few pieces of yourself that have been lost. Like having a car without an engine, it's difficult to be your best self or even manifest to your greatest version without incorporating all aspects of who you are. All mediums have to do this at some point, but trouble is, it's hard to know what those pieces are without the help of a shaman or a healer. Jaya Leigh with Windy Feather Healing is offering $50 off of your first Reclaiming Session until the end of the month because fall/winter is a great time get started on this. Visit her site to get started. 

- Come to the Spirit Visitations Class on Thursday. This class is with me and it's free. The way my classes have been working lately is like a gym - when you join the gym, the classes that get offered come with your monthly subscription. Cost to attend: $73/one month subscription. Join now

We're going to be talking about boundaries in the class, how to get spirits to leave, how to know when they're around (and who's around), and how to call them in and out - officially. If you're a long-runner in the game, it would be a great class to take to take the time out to connect with your own guides (I know you don't do it nearly enough!), learn new techniques, or brush up on the skills. It's like a first aid class, so taking a refresher every year can help you stay sharp. Here's more on it and instructions on how to get in

Okay, so don't forget to check out the new blogs! And remember to sign up for the class if you want to get in - registration will be closing before doors open so I have time to clear the space. 

And one final thing: 

This fall I had 20 coaching sessions available and as I normally do, I released them to members first and planned to release them to the public after that. Sadly, they didn't make out to the public this time - everyone snapped 'em up!

So if you missed out or were waiting on a session with me, and didn't get one, but would still like do work one-on-one to develop and wield those gifts into a manageable place, Ashley Strong, psychic medium with Light Love and Spirit has a few spaces still available would be happy to work with you to develop your gifts. Check her out

See you in class Thursday!

Amanda Linette Meder

PS - and remember what I said about not doing to crowded places if you're sensitive to crowds - keep that in mind this week and pay attention to what's out there. Activity is amping up already happening and I expect it to continue until around the 4th. For more information on this check out this article.

PPS - here's the direct links to those two new blogs:
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