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Welcome Back to a New Year

Welcome to the family, we are glad you came! As the 2022-23 academic year begins, we wanted you to have as much information as possible. For returning parents, most of this newsletter will be old news. For new parents, we welcome you and hope this newsletter eases your transition in becoming Oak Ridge Military Academy Parents.

We believe that ORMA promotes skills that build character traits such as initiative, honor, integrity, duty, accountability, teamwork, and develops leadership potential. Cadets learn that tenacity and self-discipline are major keys to their future success. We are pleased you have decided to entrust us with your greatest treasure, your child.

We are looking forward to a wonderful and productive year. Feel free to ask questions and reach out if you need support as you become part of the ORMA Family.

Points of Contact/roles:

School number 336-643-4131

Commandant Sergeant Major Lewis ext 201 or 336-209-4573 Request cadet leave, how is my child doing, family emergency

TAC Officer on Duty 336-706-6995 (3 PM – 11 PM) arrival for pickup/drop-off, dorm living, reach my child by phone

Academic Dean Caroline McKaughan ext 314 all things academic example: class placement, overall academic performance

Nurse Amanda Morin ext 413 Infirmary, meds, and health awareness

Registrar Michelle Blackburn request records/transcripts

Finance Shannon Bowles ext 414 tuition balance, payments, billing (Tuesday – Thursday)

Parent Liaison Angie Williams ext 400 Go-to person for random questions

Absence to report an absence or upcoming appointment, please email This email is sent to both the Academic Dean, Mrs. McKaughan and Commandant, CSM Lewis.

170th Baccalaureate & Commencement

Graduation was held May 21st at 10:00 AM in front of Maple Glade. Major General Henry Hobgood, a career solider with the United States Air Force. He served as the President of Randolph-Macon Academy for 16 years. After retirement, he formed Hobgood & Associates, LLC to provide professional educational service to private schools in order to promote private education. He is committed to high-quality, value-based education.

Major General Hobgood honored the graduates with a challenge coin from the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States. He spoke about duty, service, and integrity. He stressed to the Corps that they should strive to be part of the solution once they identify a problem. He reminded them to live their lives true to their core values and work hard to hold to their values in the face of opposition. He stressed the Cadets must practice good character in order to achieve it.

Cell Phone Policy

Cellular hot-spots and modem cards, smartphones, I-Watches, and other similar devices that enable Cadets access to the internet outside of the Academy’s Wi-Fi system, or after lights-out, are prohibited.

Boarding Cadets should not bring their cell phones to class. Day Cadets may have a cell phone but it must be turned off throughout the academic day.

Search for and Join the group “ORMA Parents” on Facebook for updates, questions and answers relevant to the group. (be sure to answer each of the questions when requesting membership to the group)

Contact CSM Lewis

JROTC Summer Camp

JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenges

1SG Sallie McCullough and 1SG Lonnie Corely took eight Cadets from the Corps to participate in the physical fitness competition better known as, JCLC camp that took place in Fort Jackson, SC. These challenges encompass Brigade-level Army events that take place all over the world. The program teaches and mentors approximately 314,000 JROTC Cadets annually.

The Cadets completed various exercises including: rappelling course, several obstacle courses, rope course, and zip lining. The Cadets passed their weapons qualification activity and water survival training.

ORMA on the Move

Summer Travels

As we begin the 2022-23 Academic Year, we want to know about our current Cadets’ summer. Did you travel as a family? Take an interesting class? Visit relatives out of state or country? Drop us a note with pictures about how your family spent the summer break.

News To Share?

Pictures of events are posted to Flickr. To access them, go to and click on Photo Gallery. Once in the Oak Ridge Military Academy Flickr album, you will be able to search by keyword or name. You can download pics for free: click on the photo, then go to the bottom right corner and click the Download icon (looks like an arrow pointing down at a line). Selecting size Large image works well.

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