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February 1, 2023

Alternative Psychedelics: Dangerous Drugs on the Streets
February 10, 2023

This webinar will provide essential information concerning the most dangerous recreational, street, and party drugs in today’s society. Dr. Bornstein will go over the alternative psychedelic and dissociative drugs like MDMA (Ecstasy), dissociative drugs like phencyclidine (PCP), Ketamine, and Salvia. These mind-altering drugs are potent central nervous system stimulants that can lead to severe and fatal adverse reactions. The drug effect is similar to methamphetamine and is often sold on the street as cheap substitutes for methamphetamine and cocaine. Often, hallucinations from “Party Psychedelics” can be side effects related to toxic exposures to these drugs. Dr. Bornstein will present current data concerning entactogens, dissociative drugs, and psychedelic “street drugs.”

Dr. Eric Bornstein’s BIO

Dr. Eric Bornstein (DMD) is the former Chief Medical Officer of Nomir Medical Technologies, and is a biochemist, dentist, and photo-biologist. He has successfully taken three medical device through to FDA 510k approval. Dr. Bornstein has managed five human clinical trials and has patented multiple medical technologies in the areas of lasers, photo-biology, circadian rhythm, adipose tissue modification, and biofilm eradication. Dr. Bornstein is widely published in peer-reviewed journals such as "Current Trends in Microbiology" and "Compendium." For the past five years, he has delivered continuing education seminars and webinars to over 100,000 health care professionals. His lectures encompass the subjects of pharmacology, marijuana, vaping, opioids, hallucinogens, drug abuse, periodontal disease and medical devices. Dr. Bornstein has lectured all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, and Israel.

Parents may join this event online. More information will be provided in next week’s newsletter.

Bataan Memorial Death March

This event is held every year at White Sands Missile Range to honor the sacrifice of the service members and civilians that suffered what would later become known as the Bataan Death March after the fall of the Philippines at the beginning of WWII. The Bataan Death March was the forcible transfer from Saissaih Pt. and Mariveles to Camp O’Donnell by the Imperial Japanese Army 60,000-80,000 Filipino and American prisoners of War which began on April 9, 1942, after the three month Battle of Bataan in the Philippines. About 2,500-10,000 Filipino and 100-650 American prisoners of War died before they reached their internment destination by the hands of the Japanese Army.

Due to the devastation of the American Naval Fleet following the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States did not have the resources to aid the American and Filipino personnel fighting to protect the Philippines. Thus many of these personnel felt abandoned by their own government and people thus later adopting the slogan “No Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam.”

Many of these soldiers were members of the New Mexico Nation Guard who were deployed to the Philippines at the time hence the reason this event is in New Mexico and sponsored by the New Mexico Army National Guard.

Normally, The Bataan Memorial Death March is conducted at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Customarily, there are military and prior military members from all over the world participating in this event. This is a 26.2 mile race (marathon) over strenuous terrain through the high desert of New Mexico. ORMA has previously participated in this ruck march. The Cadets that have chosen to participate in this event, which is held in March, will be preparing for the march over the course of the next few weeks.

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