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The 170th Corps of Cadets participated in an annual service project in support of the Marine Corps Toys4Tots drive. In order to graduate, all cadets must complete at least 30 hours of service learning. This teaches the Cadets they are part of the solution and expands on the best aspects of volunteerism. Senior Army instituter 1SG Sallie McCullough organizes ORMAs effort to gather money and toys for children that are less fortunate so they can have a magical Christmas. This year the Cadets raised $12,500.00 and 16 boxes of toys for the Marine Corps Toys4Tots drive. We are proud of the Corps commitment to service to their community.

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Feel free to reach out to Angie Williams about alumni tours of campus and updates to your life. We rely on the input of the Alumni to keep you up-to-date on your classmates and accomplishments.

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Parades and Military Time

The Corps of Cadets participated in the Kernersville Christmas Parade held December 5th @ 2:30. The cadets spend much of their downtime in their dorms doing homework, shining shoes, polishing brass and sharing time with their fellow cadets. Like every member of the Long Grey Line, they are responsible for their appearance especially when it comes to public exposure. The Cadets practice several times before they are due to preform anywhere. Their uniforms are pre-selected by the JROTC Staff and inspected to meet the exacting specifications required. The Cadets get missing uniform pieces from the Quartermaster. They preformed well and looked sharp. The Cadets seemed to enjoy themselves as they exited the vans chatting about the day. They quickly formed up with their weapons and took them back to the armory under the watchful gaze of 1SG Sallie McCullough.

The Annual Fund is unrestricted donations that are applied to the areas of greatest need for the school. Annual Alumni contributions help to maintain ORMA’s high academic standard by attracting and retaining the best students, faculty, and staff. Private gifts and donations built ORMA from the beginning, and your generosity maintains the Academy’s tradition of excellence. Though tuition driven, ORMA can not survive on tuition alone. It is through donations and grants that we are able to bring new academic programs and restore the historic campus to its fullest potential. Join us in exceeding our $100,000 goal by the end of 2021.

Retirement distributions that must be paid out cost the holder between 30%-40% in taxes to take the required withdrawal. Donations to Oak Ridge Military Academy through that avenue result in no tax fees and 100% of the amount supports the Academy to achieve its goal.

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Alumni Owned Businesses

ORMA graduates span the country and the globe. Many alumni have their own businesses and ORMA would like to share this information with other alumnus. It is the hope of current ORMA cadets and staff that successful alumni will share their success. To this end, we have created a list of Alumni Owned Businesses. This list will increase as you contribute to the list with your business. Share your success with your ORMA family and let us support you.

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