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February 15, 2023

Teacher’s Corner

Bataan Memorial Death March

The Cadets will be participating virtually in the Bataan Memorial Death March and should register as individuals. The 26.2 miles will be completed in one day. SGM McKaughan will be keeping track of the time and distance for the Cadet’s purposes. If they want an individual time, they will need to carry a cell phone during the march though it is not necessary. The Cadets will need to decide if they are going to register as “light” or “heavy”. “Heavy” registration means they will be marching with a 35 lbs backpack (rucksack) as well as a water source.

The Cadets can earn two patches, a ribbon, and a medal for their uniform. SGM McKaughan will provide meals and snacks for the day. We will have water on the course for them to refill their water containers. This event is optional and the Cadets volunteer to participate in this event. The Cadets may not miss more than two practice sessions. The link for registration is below.

Bataan March Registration

Every Wednesday the Corps of Cadets wear ACUs as the uniform of the day. Above is a picture of the Cadet leadership during a lunch formation. A snapshot of an typical formation. The Cadets average five to seven formations a day.

More Cadet Corps Pictures

Above is a small group of Cadets playing Capture the Flag with airsoft rifles in ORMAs close quarter combat center. The Cadets learn to safely move in a group and breach a room. The goal of the activity is to build small group communications and to accomplish a task in a group.

Major Forde’s Pictures