Welcome to Worship

Good Noon, Church-

As you can see, we were doing a little testing and re-arranging in the sanctuary this week, but we were still able to capture some of the bounty from our trick-or-treating last Saturday! This week, we return to collecting the offering during worship and to having the pulpit off to the side for the first time since we resumed in-person worship in May 2021!

We're still on YouTube, and the trustees welcome your feedback on the camera work with our new setup! You can also follow along with the Sunday Worship Bulletin. You can catch up with the sermon scripture preview here.

If you are called to support the mission of the church or our mission partners, we invite you to give during the service (there's nothing quite like hearing the coin collecting jars rattling around), mail us a check, or to visit our
online offering plate. Our monthly coin collection offering goes to Native American Heritage Association.

Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey. The folks at Convergence are working on their analysis of it and Ankeny, and preparing a report for our council.

Come and Worship!

- Pastor Nathan

Pastor Nathan talking