July, 2014
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Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking.
This newsletter is going out a bit early for July in case you want to get in on the advance registration discount for the Trafficking In America Conference!
See below!!
     2014 Theme: 
Restoring Humanity
from Modern Day Slavery

      The fourth annual Trafficking In America Conference and is taking place in our very own back yard this year!! It will be at the West Palm Beach Airport Hilton, 150 Australian Ave. This link will take you to the registration page. Early bird registration is $139. Afterward June 30th, the fee goes up to $159.00.
      This conference is shaping up to be another seminal event for those interested in both learning more and doing something about modern day slavery in the United States. 
      Yvonne Williams, Founder and Executive Director of TIATF primary objective is that, "we will never stop human trafficking until we address root issues that are fueling it such as pornography and mass media, poverty, fatherless homes, etc. And once we become educated we must be courageous enough to take action."  
      The Conference will be focusing on thee key areas that form the basis of human trafficking as a business model: supply, distribution and demand. Highlights of this year's event are: a panel of survivors, a former porn producer, an educational curriculum, a special event just for youth and other well known experts in the field, including local notables such as Bonnie Jo
(Hope for Freedom), Sandy Skelaney (Project GOLD, of Kristi House) and Kateriina Rosenblatt (There Is Hope For Me)! 
      If you are concerned about modern day slavery, especially in the US, then you will not want to miss this conference!!
Mission statement:
We liberate slaves around the world and change the systems that allow slavery to exist. 

      Free the Slaves is an international NGO, the result of the research and energy of Kevin Bales. It is framed on six key principles:
     ~ We believe all people have the right
         to be free from any form of slavery
         and to realize their true potential.
      ~ We are committed to supporting
          sustainable solutions that don't hurt
          those we're trying to help.
     ~ We base all our strategies on
          accurate research.
     ~ We are committed to building a
          diverse movement and to seeking
          guidance from local and regional
          anti-slavery programs around the
     ~ We are non-partisan and politically
     ~ We are transparent with our
          finances and programs.
      The website boasts comprehensive and up to the minute information on steps being taken by governments and organizations around the world to combat slavery, including the US Congress. 
      There are several videos on the Free the Slaves website, including Top Ten Facts About the "S" Word, and Slavery 101. Another website,, has over a dozen videos and clips. The TED talk, filmed in 2010, tells how a leaflet on modern day slavery changed the direction of his life - as he was challenged, hearing that slavery was alive and well.  It is short, but packed with information on his personal research in countries around the world.
    The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today,
by Kevin Bales & Ron Soodalter

       If I had to recommend just one book to read about modern day slavery in the United States, The Slave Next Door would be it!  
       In an articulate and compelling style, the history of domestic slavery, from antebellum times to the present is traced in the first six chapters of the book. The first chapter compares the slave trade of the 1800’s with the contemporary version. Trivia: Did you know with an estimated 27 million people in some type of bondage today, there are twice as many slaves now as there were in the entire 350 year history of the Atlantic slave trade? 
       The following five chapters address specific arenas of modern day slavery, beginning with domestic servitude, then agricultural labor, sexual exploitation, new applications and how international slavery touches many of the decisions we make as consumers. The estimated population of slaves in the US today varies widely, as low as 50,000 and as high as 250,000. Of those, roughly half are caught in various forms of sexual exploitation, while the other half are evenly divided into labor trafficking and domestic servitude. 
       The last chapters of the book look at various models for emancipation. Interestingly, most slaves in the US are freed by the action of “Good Samaritans” who acted on a hunch, calling authorities, and pursuing them, when something didn’t look quite right. I found that to be very encouraging considering the amount of time Hepzibah House operatives devote to raising awareness activities. Chapters here also address state and federal responses, inventorying successes, failures and logjams in each. The last chapter outlines very practical entry points of activism for regular mortals like you and me.

       Over all this book was a very informative read, well referenced, and thorough in its treatment of modern day slavery in the United States. No doubt I will utilize data and references I found here as I continue to explore this topic. 
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Trafficking in America Conference


Free the Slaves
Kevin Bales

Dreams Die Hard


The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking & Slavery in America Today
by Kevin Bales


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"A New Hope," 
article in the July issue of  
The Good News Florida Newspaper

Keisha McDonnough wrote a great article about Hepzibah House and modern day slavery coming out in  the July issue of the paper!! 
Head Line News

Peggy Callahan, co-founder of Free the Slaves, produced this 36 minute documentary of four individuals trafficked in the United States. They came from various countries, looking for good jobs, education, and opportunity. What they experienced was anything but the opportunities we expect to be available in the United States, the lad of the free!
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As much money as I spend on books, this could be the answer Hepzibah House has been waiting for!! 
Removing Slavery From Product Supply Chains
This is an 8 minute film, also found on the Free The Slaves website, tracing slavery to numerous products found in the United States from the toniest mall to the car dealership down the street. 
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Upcoming events and Shadow Industry showings are below as we work to raise awareness of this issue in our backyard here in Florida. Feel free to join us for any of these:

Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches
Summer Series

2nd Wednesday of each month
PBC Emergency Operations Center 20 S. Military Trail, West Palm Beach
July 9: Legislation & Policy

August 13: To Be Announced

Sept 10: Mental Health Issues Associated with 
Human Trafficking Victims

Summer Documentary Series
Youth Event, July 17th, 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Cost: $15, includes T-Shirt
Airport Hilton (part of Trafficking In America Conference)
150 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach
Sex + Money: A National Search for Hman Worth
August 1, 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Pompey Park Community Center, 1101 NW 2nd St Delray Beach, 33444
Night of Prayer & Worship
September 12, 7:00 to 9:00 PM
715 S. Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, 33435

South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force Meeting
August 14, 9:00 AM Breakfast, 10:00 AM Meeting
Christ Fellowship, 5343 Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens
Thanks again for your interest in Hepzibah House 
and what is perhaps the foremost justice issue of our time: 
human trafficking and the restoration of individual lives
impacted by this horror.
Becky Dymond
Founder & President, Hepzibah House 
MS Counseling Psychology, LMHC

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