Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking.
March, 2017     Let me tell you a story...
     Recently I did a training for St Mary's Hospital. It was 7:00 a.m., when people were either coming to or getting off work... So I figured the presentation would have to be really good to keep everyone awake and engaged!! 
     As part of the intro, I asked the doctors and nurses there to raise their hands if they believed they had worked with a trafficking victim in the course of their practice at the hospital. One woman tentatively raised her hand. 
     I shared a few statistics - like 28 million slaves in the world today, whose labor is valued at over $150 billion ($410 million/day). That 88% of trafficked individuals came into contact with health care professionals in the course of their captivity. And that our research for PB County conservatively indicates there are a minimum of 2,100 women being commercially sexually exploited in strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and escort services. 
     Then, I went through basic indicators of human trafficking - noting physical, mental and emotional red flags that are often associated with trafficking scenarios - things like traffickers insisting on accompanying the patient to the examining room, answering for the patient, information contradicting the injury, delayed medical care, untreated injuries, addictions, irrational fears, etc. 
     I shared about how trauma bonding holds a captive more tightly than chains or rope, how traffickers use drug addiction as a subtle form of control - and that drug addiction already meets the minimum bar for the "force, fraud or coercion" portion of the Florida trafficking law... 
     I talked about how to ask questions, what questions to ask, what resources were available to offer, how to separate a victim from probable trafficker. 
     And I shared about the first women I worked with who told me she had been trafficked from the ages of 13 to 17 (she was in her 50's then) and I was the first person she had ever told - and the first time she was receiving counseling. I shared about how her traffickers almost killed her twice trying to get her hooked on drugs. (That is her silhouette at the top.)
     I  shared other stories... Heart breaking accounts of the vulnerabilities that land a woman in a trafficking situation - the reality that 85% of the women being trafficked suffered shocking abuse, incest and molestation, many of them from early childhood on. And the reality that for most of the women I work with, trafficking was just the latest in a life-long list of traumatic experiences.
     At the end of the training I asked the question I began with: How many of you believe you have seen a trafficking victim while working at St Mary's?  I'm not positive, but I believe every one there raised their hand
    This is what I do in raising awareness, and this is the population I work with. By the way, they are some of the most courageous people I have ever met, bar none. I know our last newsletter featured a check we will receive from the Great Charity Challenge. What I did not mention is that we will not take possession of that until the middle of May at the very earliest. In the meantime, our expenses are roughly $90/day per woman in the program, $630/week...
     Restoration is an expensive mission and we need your help to accomplish it. Please consider attending our barn dance. Please consider sponsoring the barn dance. Please consider supporting us monthly, or even a generous one time gift
The women we serve depend on all of us - and their lives are at stake in a very real sense.
7th Annual
HH Barn Dance & BBQ!

St. Patrick's Day Edition

Friday, March 17th! 
6 to 9 PM at the 
Large Animal Barn, 
South Florida Fairgrounds

Green up your cowboy clothes & join us for a family friendly St. Patty's Day celebration!! Chris, the caller, teaches as he calls!! So you don't have to know anything about square dancing! 

We will have pony rides for youngun's, a photo booth with Woodstock (our wooden horse), and both silent and live auctions as well! 

Sonny's BBQ is back, catering dinner with their delicious, mouth watering BBQ and trimmings! So no one will go away hungry!! 

Tickets are a screaming deal at $35,
OR $260 for a table that seats 8!!

Ticket sales: Click Here

Promotional Video: Click Here

See photos of the 2016 Barn Dance at the bottom, including Woodstock!
Want to help HH out? Share the Woodstock Sightings we are posting every day on FB, Twitter & Instagram!! Share the Newsletter as well!! Help us get the word out about the Barn Dance & encourage people to come!! 
     The Sun Sentinel did an article on Hepzibah House, our restoration work, interviewing Becky & Brenda. They also mentioned the upcoming Barn Dance at the end!! Check it out at this LINK!! 

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Hepzibah House Prayer
Monday nights, 7:00 - 8:30
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Human Trafficking Coalition
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March 8th, 10 to 12, EOC
April 12th, 10 to 12, EOC
20 S Military Trail, WPB, FL 33415
7th Annual
Hepzibah House
Barn Dance

Friday, March 17th
6 to 9, South Florida Fairgrounds
Tickets for sale at

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Hepzibah House 

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Thanks again for your interest in 
Hepzibah House 
and what is perhaps the foremost justice issue of our time: 
Human Trafficking 
and the restoration of individual lives 
impacted by this horror.
Becky Dymond
Founder & President, Hepzibah House 
MS Counseling Psychology, LMHC
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