Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking.
January, 2016
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It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.
                                                                                      ~Mother Teresa

Are you interested in making a difference in someone's life? This is your opportunity to get the training you need to volunteer at Hepzibah House!
Our volunteer training is designed to: 
   - Empower you with the knowledge and skills to serve survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. 
   - Prepare you to enter into the Hepzibah House family.
   - Prepare you to enter into a life changing volunteer experience.

We will cover:
   - What is human trafficking?            - An overview of Hepzibah House
   - Trauma Informed Care                    - Stages of change

   - Volunteer Opportunities                 - Using a Strengths-Based Approach

Volunteers needed in these areas: Mentoring, Financial Planning Instruction, Academic Tutoring, Week-End Activities, Event Assistance and many more... 

Day:      Sunday, January 24th
Time:    2 to 6 PM

Cost:     Free: You will need to provide your own hard copies of the HH Volunteer Application and Handbook. You will need to read the Handbook before the training. Some volunteer positions will require a current background check.

RSVP to by Sunday, January 17th for more information!
Zibah Treats For Sale!!
     We are looking for vendors for our organic, non-GMO animal treats made by survivors. If you have a relationship with a vet, groomer, doggie day-care, pet shop or other retail outlet, we need "introductions!"
   If you will make the connection for us, we are very happy to follow through! We have brochures with further information and product display crates ready to go!
   Contact Christa at
Hepzibah House, partnering with Rescue Upstream and Life of Freedom Center, is starting a phone bank for victims trapped in commercial sexual exploitation. For more information on this opportunity, come to the Volunteer Training,
January 24th, 4 to 6pm!!  
      The sad fact is that younger girls (and boys) bring more money in the sex trafficking world. Traffickers, in response to this marketing reality, target youth - who typically have significant risk factors:
      * Often naive.
      * Too trusting.

      * Experiencing conflict with parents as they transition from childhood to teen and young adult.
      * Shifting from family focus to friends and connections with the larger community. 

      Chosen shares two true stories of teenage girls lured into trafficking. Brianna, a high school senior on the honor-roll, worked at a local cafe. Her trafficker met her here and began to strategically groom her for his designs by befriending her, giving her attention, purchasing small gifts for her. Lacy was only thirteen. She was a community volunteer and very active in her church youth group. 
      Both these girls were "chosen" by their traffickers, who then began to manipulate them with the goal of commercial sexual exploitation. The film, created as a awareness and training resource identifies the warning signs to prepare young people to avoid these traps and to be able to effectively watch out for their friends. 

Thanks again for your interest in 
Hepzibah House 
and what is perhaps the foremost justice issue of our time: 
Human Trafficking 
and the restoration of individual lives 
impacted by this horror.
Becky Dymond
Founder & President, Hepzibah House 
MS Counseling Psychology, LMHC
Contact Us:
1530 W. Boynton Beach Blvd, #3863,
Boynton Beach, FL 33424

Visit our website:
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Our volunteer application form is on line
Click on the link to add your name and information to the list of volunteers!
to find out when the next training for volunteers is offered, contact for more information.

Upcoming events 
are below as we work to raise awareness in
our backyardhere in Florida.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month!
Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches' website has a calendar of January events:
Hepzibah House Prayer
Monday nights, 7:00 - 8:30
For more info, contact:

Zibah Treat Bake Days
Mondays, Thursday and Fridays
Trained volunteers only
See website Volunteer page 
for more info

Human Trafficking Coalition
of the Palm Beaches

 January 13th, 10 to 12, EOC
February 10th, 10 to 12, EOC

20 S Military Trail, WPB, FL 33415
Walk the Streets
Belle Glade

January 20th, 10:00 to 1:00

38840 State Road 80
Belle Glade, FL 33430-5617

Hepzibah House Volunteer Training
Sunday, January 24th,
2:00 to 6:30 PM

Tax deductible gifts can be made to
Hepzibah House 

through our website,
or by check mailed to:

Hepzibah House,

1530 W. Boynton Beach Blvd, #3863 
Boynton Beach, FL 33424