May, 2014
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Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking.
Portrait of Exploitation,
by Laura Coulter

Some of the comments I often hear in my efforts to raise awareness of sex trafficking & exploitation are: 
     "Why not legalize prostitution?"
     "It is the oldest profession in the world."
     "People should be free to make their
           own career choices."

If you take the time to enlarge this poster and take a close look at the images, you will see a series of mug shots in the criminal records of five women arrested for repeated prostitution charges over the course of several years. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the forty images here tell a very sad and compelling story of the the effects of this lifestyle on an

This image was first published in 2007 in a blog for in
Prism Magazine by Laura Coulter. It is worth reading! 

A few months ago (August of 2013) we highlighted the book Johns: sex for sale and the men who buy it, by Victor Malarek. This author does a very good job explaining why legalizing prostitution is not the answer. His research indicated in every country that has legalized prostitution has seen a "dramatic increase in the involvement of organized crime" (pg 219). In this business, organized crime is synonymous with sex trafficking. 

Malarek quotes Melissa Farley, in
Journal of Trauma Practice (2003) stating, "The most severe damage of prostitution is not physical, it is psychological. The rates of post traumatic stress disorder are among the highest of any group of people ever studied" and "Women in prostitution suffer extremely high rates of depression, substance abuse, dissociation, head injury, and suicide attempts" (pg 216). Farley's findings also showed that 89% of the women she worked with wanted to escape the lifestyle, but were unable to because they had no other way to survive. 

Malarek, V. (2009). The Johns: sex for sale and the men who buy it. New York: Arcade Publishing, Inc.
 Exodus Cry

"Exodus Cry is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to abolishing sex slavery through Christ-centered prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims."

Prayer is Exodus Cry's central focus. Using film, they are working to uncover the realities of modern day slavery and motivate and empower people to bring this atrocity to an end. 

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, released in 2011 (review below)

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, Projected release in 2015.
This film will take a close look at the demand side of sex trafficking. 
NEFARIOUS, Merchant of Souls 
DVD produced by
Benjamin Nolot and Exodus Cry

This film is a comprehensive documentary of modern sex trafficking across four continents with interviews of people involved in the trade and government as well as recovery and restoration efforts.  While money is always the underlying motive, it is eye opening to see how differently that is played out across diverse cultures.  

Of all the films I have reviewed on this topic, this one is the most hopeful. As they explore each story - an individual impacted by trafficking - they also bring it to resolution, and show how this person escaped and their progress towards healing and restoration. At the end, they even show a trafficker, who was able to recognize the perversity of his own actions and leave the lifestyle. 

Nefarious discusses why legalization of prostitution fails to solve the problem and explores policies that have been effective.  This film offers "the rest of the story" that is an important piece in understanding this problem on an international level.

"You may chose not to act but you can never again say you did not know."  William Wilburforce, abolitionist in the 1600's

Sharon, who wrote this review for this newsletter made this final comment: "Man's inhumanity to man is appalling and I don't know how to say that except with tears..."
In This Issue: 

Portrait of Exploitation


Merchant of Souls,
by Benjamin Nolot & Exodus Cry


Exodus Cry:
A Prayer Movement to End Human Trafficking

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June 20, 10:00
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Thanks again for your interest in Hepzibah House 
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human trafficking and the restoration of individual lives
impacted by this horror.
Becky Dymond
Founder & President, Hepzibah House 
MS Counseling Psychology, LMHC

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