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The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing the WORTHY partnership to change plans and activities again and again. This issue in fact is mainly to inform that Italian courses for “Augmented Teachers” and “Parent Trainers” will be entirely online, and not “blended” anymore (part in-presence, part online).

Due to the worsening of the situation, partner country governments are ordering new, stricter rules. As a consequence, also the public launches foreseen in Niepolomice (PL) and Pforzheim (DE) in October 20 and 21, had to be online.

Instead, in Osjiek, partner
Udruga za rad s mladima Breza youth organization has chosen to keep the event(s) in-presence.

Nevertheless nothing can stop us in finding solutions to continue the WORTHY development and get the full involvements of all the parts in the play.

We are deeply convinced it will be Worth(y) of it!

1. Italian courses for “Augmented Teachers” and “Parent Trainers” ENTIRELY ONLINE: starting from November 4

On November 4 at 3:00pm the Italian courses for “Augmented Teachers” and “Parent Trainers” will begin. But they will be ️ENTIRELY ONLINE️, due to Covid-19.

In fact originally the training courses foreseen by the WORTHY project were made up of modules to be delivered using a blended-learning method:

▶️ face-to-face modules

▶️ pre-recorded video-classes

▶️ online interactive pages

But after the recent further restrictions taken by the Italian Government to fight the pandemic, Comune di Vicenza and Istituto tecnico economico “G. Piovene” (WORTHY Italian partners) decided to turn the three in-presence lessons in three online lessons. Therefore all the modules will be delivered online now.

In order to repurpose courses’ contents, the start is postponed by a week. So that the 3 online live lessons will be on:

📍 Wednesday, November 4 (from 3 to 6pm)

📍 Wednesday, November 11 (from 3 to 6pm)

📍 Wednesday, November 18 (from 3 to 6pm)

All the teachers (more than 30 already registered at the moment) interested in developing their knowledge and skills in teaching and learning, using the WORTHY approach with their 13-19 year old students, have the chance to deepen:

🔎 the WORTHY approach

🔎 the pedagogical basis to teach a fascinating history

🔎 how to motivate disengaged pupils from groups at risk

🔎 how to use the WORTHY platform and tools available

🔎 how to assess skills and competences of students

The courses will also deal with the parental engagement and inter-generation dialogue to equip teachers with the required knowledge, skills and resources to provide professional guidance to parents in how to best support children’s development in recovery history interest through the adoption of WORTHY approach.

At the end of the courses teachers will get the “Augmented Teacher” and “Parent Trainer” certificates.

Registration to the online Italian edition is still open → please write to

The training courses for “Augmented teachers” and “Parent trainers” will be held in each partner country (🇵🇱 Poland , 🇩🇪 Germany and 🇭🇷 Croatia).

The mode of delivering, in-presence or online, will be decided by each partner according to their national Covid-19 situation.

2. Just held the other WORTHY’s public launches in Europe: online in Germany and Poland, in-presence in Croatia (but in two dates)

On October 21, the Kepler-Gymnasium Pforzheim held the German WORTHY’s public launch in front of 16 teachers and school leaders, adult educators and open youth work teachers.

The event was expected to be in-presence, but due to Covid-19 pandemic the live event had to be transformed into an online meeting one day prior to the event, so that it had fewer participants than expected under normal circumstances. In fact local and regional restrictions, due to rising Covid case numbers, were only issued two days prior the meeting by the federal and local governments.

Anyway participants showed strong interest in taking part in the following activities and in joining the project finally. They expressed an overall positive attitude towards the event and the project, and asked for more detailed input concerning different project ideas for Pforzheim.

The increasing each day number of COVID-19 cases and worries of the teachers “forced” to withdraw from organizing in-presence event also the Polish partner. Gmina Niepolomice, in fact, at the end decided to organize the event online, in the same date previously scheduled, October 20.

More than 15 teachers and school educators participated in the online meeting. According to organizers, “in-presence event would have been much more useful and interesting as physical contact and interactions differ from these online: people are more open, especially during a face to face conversations”.

The Croatian partner instead - Udruga za rad s mladima Breza youth organization - has managed to organize in-presence its public launch for the school sector on October 20, even if repeating the event in another day, November 4, in order to distribute the number of participants in two days.

As the Italian public launch, already held in September 29 in Vicenza, also the German, Polish and Croatian hands-on seminars for school sector introduced teachers to the WORTHY project’s vision, its methodological framework and the three project’s outputs:
  • the web platform
  • the lesson plans
  • the blended courses for teachers (“Augmented teachers” and “Parent trainer”)
During the German multiplier event, students and teachers also presented two different projects in schools and discussed about ideas and wishes for further engagement in the project.

The public launches’ aim, in fact, is to engage a sizable number of teachers and educators and school staff professionals in accessing the project’s opportunity.
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