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Welcome back to the WORTHY Newsletter. 

  • Today we invite teachers and students to answer the anonimous questionnaires that will help us to determine the WORTHY resources effectiveness in making more "attractive" the study of history among pupils from 13 to 19.
  • We are also glad to announce the closing online events scheduled by partners between May and June 2021, in order to promote and transfer WORTHY approach to other sectors, but also to stimulate the driving and coordination role of public authorities in supporting the definition of innovative educational activities packages, intercepting the new schools’ needs.
  • The newsletter will also report the first online student exchange that few days ago involved more than 40 teachers and students.
  • Finally we are very proud to tell that WORTHY has become the subject of a specific research by the Monitoring Centre on digital innovation of Milan Polytechnic, aiming to measure the value of cultural digital experiences.

Happy May Day!

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1. Questionnaires for teachers and students to get a feedback on the WORTHY resources (by 9 May 2021)

After testing the WORTHY resources made available to teachers and students in the web platform, the WORTHY partnership now needs to collect data to determine their effectiveness in making more "attractive" the study of history among pupils from 13 to 19.

  • Teachers/educators and students are invited to answer to an anonymous online questionnaire by 9 May 2021

In particular there are:

  • a specific questionnaire addressed to TEACHERS (here)
  • a specific questionnaire addressed to STUDENTS (here),

Teachers are kindly invited to share the second link with their pupils, possibly reserving 5 minutes at the end of a lessons, in order to assure support if needed.

  • The WORTHY partnership is aware that the contingencies caused by the pandemic have not given much time to test alternative resources and didactical paths.
However teachers' and students' feedback will allow to get at least an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach developed in the last 2 years, even if partially applied.

2. WORTHY for ALL: closing webinars in Italy, Germany, Poland and Croatia 

Between May and June 2021 a closing event is already planned in each school partners’ country (Italy, Germany, Poland and Croatia).

  • The events were originally planned to be in-presence, but due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and the uncertain scenario, WORTHY partners prefered to organize them online (webinars).

These national events aim to reach the wider community, even outside the school sector. In fact the resources created by the partnership are at the disposal of, and can be further developed by, all actors interested in increasing the motivation to study history of young generations.  

In particular WORTHY for ALL webinars purposes are: 

  • promoting WORTHY approach and the project’s outputs;
  • transferring WORTHY approach to other sectors thus expanding the opportunities for students to develop their skills and engagement in recovering of history studying importance in non-formal educational contexts;
  • improving the cultural offer at local level and the integration of ICTs in the cultural sector so to offer opportunities of technological development and innovation, enlarging also business horizons;
  • stimulating the driving and coordination role of public authorities in supporting the definition of innovative educational activities packages, intercepting the new schools’ needs;
  • drawing the attention of the public on the importance of studying past to understand the present and have active young citizens and propose innovative ways to rediscover the pleasure of being active at social level.

WORTHY staff members, teachers and educators trained through the project will present their experiences and the impact that WORTHY had on their teaching practices and on student learning.

  • The events will also host experts, who will help to reflect on the next educational challengings, on digital creativity applied to history, literature, art, science..., on how to motivate disadvantaged pupils. 

Webinars – that will also offer online workshops on using digital tools, presentation of historical games and videos recorded by pupils – are dedicated to youth club, media, teachers and educators, researchers, representatives of local associations and non-governmental organizations, citizens, youth workers, students, but also city councils, policy makers, government officials, libraries and museums, representatives of the creative and media sector, technologists and digital makers, representatives of parent organizations.

WORTHY for ALL webinars are scheduled as follows:

Italy | Comune di Vicenza
27 May 2021, 3:00 pm (accreditation from 2:45)
Registrations within May 25 at this link:

Germany | Kepler-Gymnasium Pforzheim 
16 June 2021, 2:00 pm

Poland | Niepolomice Commune
mid May 2021

Croatia | Youth Association Breza
mid June 2021

3. The first WORTHY online student exchange 

More than 40 teachers and students participated in the first online student exchange organized by the Niepolomice Town and Commune Office on Monday, April 24th as part of the WORTHY project.

  • During the meeting (first out of four planned), students from Poland, Croatia, Germany and Italy had the opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss about their thoughts and imaginations on partner countries and towns.
  • They also presented their schools and introduced themselves to the rest.
These presentations showed the image of active and talented young people, who, despite the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, try to live life to the fullest and devote their time – aside from learning and school – to sports, music, film, literature, playing instruments, video games and other interests.
  • A short language lesson was also organized. Youngsters learned some basic Polish, Croatian, German and Italian phrases.

Originally, the youth exchange was supposed to involve mutual visits, but the pandemic thwarted these plans and the meetings were moved to a virtual space.

  • During the next three connections, young people will discuss the most important events from the times of World War I and II in their areas. An interactive workshop has also been planned during which the participants will create new artifacts to be uploaded to the platform.

4. WORTHY and the creation of a model to measure the value of cultural digital experience


In the 2020/2021 edition of the Monitoring Centre on digital innovation of Milan Polytechnic, WORTHY has become not only a case study, but also the subject of a specific research regarding the value of cultural digital experiences and how to measure them.

In the last months, the Municipality of Vicenza and the prestigious Milanese University have worked side by side in order to create a cultural measurement model, presented to the public on a webinar held on April, 15th.

The model is based on a blueprint made up of five elements:
  • artefacts
  • contents
  • processes
  • persons
  • digital interfaces.
Interviews, surveys, focus groups with students, parents and teachers were the data collection tools.

The next step was the definition of four cultural drivers:
  • social (connected to the value of relationships and to the belonging to the community)
  • educational
  • process-connected (experimentation of an innovative experience)
  • digital, that is connected with the value attributed to interactive tools.

The model developing made it possible to structure a process leading the model itself adaptable and testable in other contexts.

5. ICYMI (In case you missed it)

WORTHY resources fully completed and operational

Videos on the WORTHY YouTube Channel

  • European partner schools students made made more than 10 videos available for registered teachers on the WORTHY platform ("Augmented teachers" course's module 8) and for students on the WORTHY YouTube Channel

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