This second issue of the Worthy newsletter arrives at half way of the Worthy project. The activities are currently in development and we're approaching a spring plenty of pursuits, even if a Joint staff training event (JSTE), which was planned in Vicenza (IT) from 2 to 5 March - in order to create a pool of teachers and operators with reinforced abilities to become “trainers of trainers” in their respective territories - was cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

But the Worthy partnership has already found alternative solutions that you can read below, in order to go ahead exploring various options to
“digitally augment” the experience of 13-19 year old students while approaching history, even the most unmotivated and underperforming ones.
The aim is
to turn documents, maps, photos, objects and stories into a living history - an intense-lived experience for young students. In this way they can participate, transform and augment what they will find at home, asking their families to recover the stories of their relatives during the War, thus applying digital competencies, collaborating with peers, developing new skills and, ultimately, being more engaged in recreating history.

Other news are in this issue, such as the one concerning the Monitoring Centre on digital innovation in cultural heritage and activities of the Polytechnic in Milan, one of the most outstanding European universities, that has chosen Worthy as a case study.

Worthy Project is about to fly (in spite of the Coronavirus)! 

Video and social networks

The Municipality of Vicenza has realized a promotional video about the project,
to disseminate more widely its aims
and to motivate teachers and students to test the Worthy approach,
in order to augment the history study experience.

Click here to watch the video
in the
"WorldWars - WORTHY Project" YouTube Channel

The Worthy Project is also on the main social networks
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
with a view to reach and share contents with different target groups.


Outputs, the state of play


After the Guidelines realized by Mlal (IT), providing teachers (and other relevant stakeholders) with the methodological framework to implement the WORTHY approach, all the other outputs are in development, in order to be ready in time for the experimentation phase. The most long-awaited results of the project is the Platform, which the partner organization Gryd (UK) is working at. It will be accessible not only to pupils, teachers and partner, but also to guests not logged in. Images, videos, 3d models, maps, audio amongst others, will be titled, briefly described, categorised and tagged to the related world war and the type of media.

The platform will also host:
  • the Lesson Planning tool for partners and teachers: a collection of toolkits to help pupils and teachers use various apps and tools (coordinated by Gmina Niepolomice - PL, thanks to the contribution of the schools involved in the project);
  • links to the blended training courses for “Augmented teachers” and for teachers and educators on parental engagement, both intellectual outputs the partnership is working on (especially the Municipality of Vicenza and Breza Association);
  • a social engine built into the platform to enable users to become friends, share updates, create groups and events.

Next steps


Coronavirus can't stop the Worthy project: online lessons in substitution of the Joint staff training event 

As everyone knows, late in February the Covid-19 broke out in the north of Italy, where a Joint staff training event (JSTE) was scheduled from 2 to 5 March. So, due to force majeure, the partnership had to cancelled the event, even if it would have been very important to train in the Worthy methodology a group of 14 selected teachers and educators working in the partner organisations (Pforzheim - DE, Niepolomice - PL, Osijek – HR, Vicenza - IT). This would have allowed them to use the WORTHY Platform to create augmented contents, to teach and share resources and methodology with their collegues in their respective territories.
Despite this unpredictable occurrence, the partnership has already found alternative solutions in order to be able to finalize the project on time (August 2021).
The partnership, in fact, is now working on online lessons to retrieve the JSTE.

So most of the toolkits provided for educators by partners in charge for (or that have worked on) their realization will be presented in video lessons to be uploaded on the Worthy Platform.

Hands-on seminars

After the Joint staff training phase, four hands-on seminars will be organized in Vicenza, Pforzheim, Niepolomice and Osijek, to recruit other educators (and learners), who want to test the Worthy approach.

The trainers will be the same teachers trained with the online lessons the partnership is working on instead of the Joint staff training event cancelled due to the Covid-19.

Worthy is a study case
for the
Polytechnic in Milan

Since 2016 Vicenza Municipal Administration is a member of the Monitoring Centre on digital innovation in cultural heritage and activities of the Polytechnic in Milan, one of the most outstanding European universities.
The Centre has considered Worthy a case study, due to the use of new technologies applied to cultural heritage in the broadest sense and to its potentialities of developing new ways of approaching history and culture.

So the project has the chance of taking part in the Spina Award, organized by the Politecnico, which awards private or public institutions for their committment in the implementation of digital technologies in culture.

What is WORTHY?


Worthy is a three year project (September 2018 – August 2021)
financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ programme.
The partnership is built upon a multi-stakeholders strategic team
composed of the Municipality of Vicenza (IT), as the lead partner,
schools (the technical secondary school “Guido Piovene” in Vicenza
and the Kepler-Gymnasium in Pforzheim - Germany)
and organisations active in different domains,
but equally interested in the promotion of history studies and Ict tools application:
the ngo Progetto Mondo Mlal from Verona (Italy),
the Municipality of Niepolomice (Poland),
the youth association Udruga za rad s mladima Breza in Osijek (Croatia)
and the e-learning private firm Gryd Ltd (UK).
Copyright © 2020 WORTHY - Comune di Vicenza, All rights reserved.

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