Our Continuing Adventure . . .
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January 2017

Life & Ministry Update

Our Continuing Adventure . . .  

Hello 2017! I can't believe we are coming up on our two year anniversary here in Japan. I remember, when I was younger, adults telling me that time speeds up as you get older and now I believe them!

These past two years living as a missionary in a foreign country has been such a mix of experiences and emotions. The sheer amount of details and stories that make up our new expat life make it hard to communicate the experience without simply experiencing it yourself.  At least, its hard to relay it all in one small newsletter! If you want a little picture, take a look at this blog. Save for a few details, this woman's story was uncannily like reading my own. I was blown away by her opening line, "In 1999, armed with 5 suitcases and a child in my belly, we traipsed halfway around the world to begin our overseas adventure." Replace the 1999 with 2015, and that is us!

Much has happened in these last two years. Travis and I have grown together in our marriage, we've become a family of three, we've begun acquiring a new language, (still in the works for sure!). We've made new friends, explored new places, and started to find a rhythm of life and ministry here in Japan. Life now is a strange mixture of familiar and unknown. So much of our host country is still quite mysterious, in no small part due to the language barrier. As we learn language and culture, we understand more and more about Japan and the people we came here to share the gospel with.  

We have big plans for this coming year, which we are excited to share with you below. Would you be in prayer for our family and our ministry? Pray for us to dream big about God's things, that we would follow His leading in faith. Pray for our family, that our needs would be met and we would be diligent stewards with what we have been graciously given.  Please pray about supporting our family and ministry financially as we look toward the rest of 2017 and all we hope to accomplish.

Glory be to our God who graciously gives to us all,


Announcing: 2017 Travels!

That's right, the Kilson family coming your way, or headed west anyway! Travis and I have been thinking and praying for the past few months about the potential of traveling back to the U.S. to check in with supporting churches and individuals, as well as visiting family and friends. We are very excited about the opportunities to travel back home for a visit.

Our plan is to visit Alaska sometime in the summer to reconnect with supporters and of course visit family and loved ones. We could also do with some midnight sun for sure!

We also have the wonderful opportunity to attend The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) in Peoria, IL in the fall and visit family and supporters in the Midwest area. We have attended ICOM before as students and "prospective" missionaries, but we are excited to experience the convention from the other side as an exhibitor and missionary. We will be helping to run the Say Yes to Japan booth along with several others. We were very excited to hear that Japan will be a featured country in this years convention and are glad to be there to represent the church of Japan. Please pray with us as we continue to make plans and raise funds for our upcoming travel this year!

Language School Graduation

Announcement #2: after 2 years of hard study Travis will be graduating from language school at the end of this quarter. He has been steadily improving his Japanese, and has made many friends. Although he still has far to go before he is fluent, he has a good solid foundation to continue working from.

We are still discussing if Becky will continue language school, or study Japanese in another way. Please pray with us as we prayerfully consider our options.
Our sleepy sweet girl

Prayer Points

2017 Travels - As we plan and gather funds for our upcoming trips this year, please pray for us to follow God's leading.

CCCB Visitors - We have agreed to host a group of students from Central Christian College of the Bible who will be visiting Japan during their spring break for a short term trip. Please pray for the group as they plan and fund-raise and for our church as we prepare services for the students to take part in while they are here.
Giving Information

Thank you to all our faithful supporters!

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