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Hello Again

We finished summer in the same slow pace as it began. We are grateful to see that Covid numbers have been on a consistent decline and we are eager to get back to more normal social interactions. We continue to pray for a spirit of boldness and not fear for our community of believers. We know that we have been sent here to share the gospel, and we continue to do our best to reach out, even in this time when it is a difficult task. It's easy to let impatience creep in, but we strive to wait on the Lord, and not take our cues from the world, and its wayward advice.

Big News!

I'm sure many of you have heard the big news: our family is growing from four to five this coming February! We are very excited to have a new baby on the way, and we have been blessed with reports of good health for baby, and a normal pregnancy so far. Due to the Corona virus policies at the hospital, I Becky, have gone to all my appointments by myself for the first time ever after having two babies in Japan. Praise the Lord, that I have five years of language experience this time around, and I feel much more capable to navigate the appointments alone. We pray that restrictions will be nonexistent come February, so that Travis can attend the birth. We strive to be faithful, and not worry about the details, but just to be grateful for this new life. We still don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but we are eager to find out! 

While we had hoped for more outreach and events this summer, it was however a blessing to be able to take it easy during the first trimester, when I was feeling very sick, and without much energy. I am getting more and more back to normal, and grateful that the nausea has passed! We ask for your prayers for a healthy pregnancy, and for a healthy baby. 

New baby means we needed a table for five instead of four! Blessed to have found a table just around the corner at a little thrift store! 
Machida Church of Christ continues to meet in two groups on Sundays to keep the numbers gathered low. As I mentioned above we haven't been able to do events in large groups as a church community, but this fall we started two online small Bible study groups, one in English, and one in Japanese. Travis leads the English group and we are happy that a young college student has joined our group. She spent time in the U.S. as an exchange student, was introduced to Christ, and there began to study the Bible. Please pray for her and for us as we continue to share the gospel with her each week. 

Besides church activities, we have also been hosting small get-togethers to continue reaching out to our community and fellowshipping with church friends. We were able to do a few pool parties during Naomi's summer break and we enjoyed God's creation with a few hikes and picnics.
As I stated above, Naomi had summer break from Kindergarten for most of the month of August. August is the hottest month of the year here, (think ninety degrees and sixty to seventy percent humidity, whew!), and it was a blessing to be able to take it easy, and not be out in the heat for school drop off and pick up. Naomi thrives at kindergarten. She complained about the summer break being too long, and that she wanted to return to see her teacher. I don't believe she's really related to us, her introverted parents, haha! Her school began again at the end of August, and though her class transitioned to a new head teacher for the new quarter, she handled it all beautifully. She's such a bold, energetic go-getter! We've had several people comment how her Japanese is sounding more and more fluent. We are so grateful that she is developing language, and learning culture from this experience. She is past Mom and Dad with verbal language skill for sure!
Naomi's school has a monthly birthday assembly, where the parents are invited to attend to honor their child's birthday. Due to social distancing, this was the first event for us to attend at her school, and I (Becky), was proud (and very nervous) to attend the August assembly with her. It was a pleasure to attend, and though it had a rocky ending (I dropped and broke her gift from the school, and they had to run for a replacement:/). I was pleased that I navigated the event on my own and understood the explanation of the event, and what I was to do during the assembly. Please pray with us as we continue to try befriending and reaching out to parents at the school. As Covid numbers fall, it feels more and more relaxed and free to visit a little with parents, and get to know them. 
The parents were seated behind the birthday kids, all facing the student body as they sang songs and introduced the students to congratulate them each on their birthdays. 
Friends, we know that some of you may have been financially affected by this Corona virus, and we are SO grateful for the faithful support that we continue to receive. Your faithfulness has been a reassurance to us that we are still where we are meant to be. Every newsletter, we try to express our gratitude, but words fall short. We're thankful for each of you, and blessed to have such a community of support. We pray the same blessing for you all through these uncertain times as we all continue to serve the Lord wherever He has places us. 

With love, 

The Kilsons
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