Spring is here!
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Spring 2017

Life & Ministry Update

Springtime Update  

Spring has officially sprung here in Tokyo. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and we have had many opportunities to enjoy the famous Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom trees), all weighed down with their fluffy pale pink blossoms. Spring is the most invigorating season for me. Winter begins to wear on me by about January, even these tepid winters here in Japan. When spring winds begin to blow, I feel like I'm waking up again, like crawling out from hibernation. It always reminds me of God's promise of renewal for our lives as Christians, both here on Earth, and the spiritual renewal when we get to see heaven.

I have neglected to write this season, and much has happened. Please forgive my writing hiatus! The week after we celebrated Travis' graduation from language school we hosted a group of students from Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB), our alma mater, for five days during their Spring Outreach week. It was definitely a learning experience for us, playing host as missionaries for the first time. It was bizarre to be on the missionary side of things, as this type of trip was exactly how Travis and I first experienced Japan when we were at CCCB. During our preparations, I told Travis "I finally feel like a real missionary." It was the first event that we planned and hosted ourselves.

There were several bumps along the way, including Haruka, Naomi and Travis getting sick during the students visit, but by God's grace we made it through and didn't spread our germs to the team. We had wonderful support from church members who helped with hosting and preparation, and especially from Haruka who helped us navigate through the details of preparation and answered our zillion questions about how to prepare for the group.

Although it has been a busy spring, we have enjoyed ourselves, and have been working on a new rhythm for our days without language school. We have much to look forward to this year including many ministry trips mixed with family visits. Due to our travel plans I will not be returning to language school this year, we will instead study together at home. We will be focusing our finances on saving for our upcoming trips. We pray you would consider giving to our ministry. Over the next year our living expenses will increase and we will be trying to save for our travels. If you are able to give, please click the link to go to our donation page. We are thankful for our faithful givers, and how they have supported us these past two years. We could never say how much we appreciate the support! 

Hoping this update finds you joyfully celebrating our risen Savior. He is the reason we are here, and the reason we have hope to share with the people of Japan. "The angel said to the women, 'Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified. He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He was lying." (Matt 28:5-6 NASB).


Travels in 2017

As I mentioned above, we are still planning and saving for our upcoming trips. Soon we will begin contacting churches to make arrangements for our visit so we can check in with supporters and share what we have been doing, as well as some more fundraising.

In July and August we will be in Alaska and Washington to visit family friends and supporting churches. During that time we will have the opportunity to be the missionary speakers at the Christian Church of Anchorage's VBS program, and we are looking forward to it!

Later this year in the fall we will be heading to Illinois for the International Conference on Missions. We are especially blessed to be able to attend the conference this year because the country of Japan was selected to be featured during the conference. They have special plans to feature Japanese missions, and highlight information about the country and missions opportunities throughout the conference. We pray that it will be a time to make connections with people, to raise awareness for the need of the gospel in Japan, and draw workers here to the mission field.

If your church would be interested in a visit from the Kilsons while we are in the states, please let us know! If you would be interested hosting a Sunday school fundraiser to assist with our travel fund, or have any other ideas for raising funds with your church congregation, we would appreciate any help!
 Please pray with us as we continue to make plans and raise funds for our upcoming travel this year!

Life After Language School

Travis graduated from language school after two years of study, hooray! Naomi and I were able to attend the ceremony and reception after. We had a wonderful time, I was so glad to be able to meet Travis' classmates and teachers. By the end of the reception the teachers were calling students up by country to sing a song in their own language, and thankfully there was another American at the reception so it was not just the three Kilsons by ourselves singing. We decided together to sing Amazing Grace. What an odd opportunity to sing about God's love in a room full of mostly non-Christians!
We have been so wonderfully blessed for Travis to be able to focus on language for two years with the help of our financial supporters as well as the life and ministry support of Machida Church of Christ. From here Travis will continue to work with Machida Church of Christ and begin to take on other tasks in ministry. We have also been prayerfully considering ways to supplement our income with online jobs as well as English teaching opportunities. Please pray with us as we figure out how to proceed and keep Jesus' mission for the Church as our number one priority.
Enjoying the Cherry Blossoms

Prayer Points

2017 Travels - As we plan and gather funds for our upcoming trips this year, please pray for us to follow God's leading.

Marriage Course - Beginning in May Machida Church of Christ will be co-hosting with another church congregation, a seven week Marriage study course. We will be attending as well as helping to facilitate the study. We hope that this course will draw in people from the community to be introduced to the church. Please pray for the planning as well as the couples that will attend.
Giving Information

Thank you to all our faithful supporters!

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