Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! We have now raised a total of £16,433 in donations and have been match funded by £6433!

We are so thrilled that thanks to you, we can support even more students like Mohammed and Shaden.

We may also have the chance to be in the running for the Christmas Challenge Awards which means we could get even more funding!
If you have not yet given, can you give the gift of education this Christmas?
Meet Mohammed: 
Mohammed’s story is common - there are thousands of young Palestinians just like him, trapped in a cycle of oppression and resource scarcity needing us to be the change.
And this is the change!
Educate a Palestinian student and educate a society.
Testimonial from a Galilee Graduate: 

“This isn’t just another university scholarship. The Galilee is contributing to our society. We’re going to be the next generation of leaders, economists, teachers, doctors, you name it! We need to continue to work with the younger generations like this for years to come.”
Can you help make the dreams of students like Mohammed and Shaden come true?
Help us open these doors to unlock #PalestinianPotential.
And remember, your donation can be doubled!
Here’s what your donation could do:
£25 Could provide 100 students with an Arabic Reading Workshop

£85 Could provide 250 students with Career Preparation workshops

£2,307 Could provide one underprivileged Palestinian student with a full Galilee Scholarship 

£4,614 Could provide one underprivileged Palestinian student with a Galilee scholarship for three years – the amount of time it takes to complete the programme

£23,070Could provide 10 underprivileged Palestinian students with a full Galilee scholarship including capacity building for one year
Testimonial from a Galilee Graduate: 

“Being raised in a Palestinian family in Israel, I want to be part of my heritage, so being part of an organisation that helps the Palestinian youth in many different ways was very appealing to me. I think the Galilee really contributes to educating the next generations of the community by keeping us attached to our culture, history and language through its vital projects”
Be a vital part of the change!
Testimonials from our supporters:
"I have been one of the biggest fans of this charity for the last 13 years. We actually see first-hand the kind of benefit that this has created for a lot of young children who would have otherwise not had the chance to benefit from quality education in a very disadvantaged area of the world". Hassan Alaghband 
"I support the Galilee Foundation with pride and enthusiasm because the Galilee Foundation is committed to education for young people — our greatest hope for the future".
Katherine Bucknell 
Donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge by clicking on the link. For every £1 you donate the Big Give champions will match your donation.
That's one donation - twice the impact!
The campaign ends at 12pm on 8th Dec 2020.

"The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation"
Peter Marshall 

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