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MV LOTUS December 2013 Newsletter

Merry Christmas From Lotus!

December 2013

A Very Merry Lotus Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and your families!

Lotus has been weathering the winter well so far, safe and snug in her South Lake Union moorage at the Historic Ships Wharf adjacent to MOHAI and the Center for Wooden Boats. We've had a few chilly days while the temperature dipped to a very un-Seattle-like below-freezing range, but for the most part she has been keeping cozy and warm and dry and festive. Night Stewards Emma Gunn and Jeremy Wicks put in extra hours getting Christmas lights strung up on the upper deck and now we're dressed appropriately for the holidays!

Fall is behind us

We've had a great fall this year on Lake Union. We've been hosting a lot of folks for overnight stays aboard, keeping the old girl lively and generating some revenue to help her pay her own way. As the season progressed, our day-time visitor numbers fell, with daylight in short supply and the weather discouraging outdoor excursions. Nonetheless, our docents have been doing yeoman's work keeping the doors open even on the slow days... as always, Dan Helman gets the gold star for taking on every Friday and Saturday, but Emma and Jeremy have been going the extra mile to cover day-time tours as well as night duties, and Carol Baker, Cheri Sayer, and Joe Breskin have also pitched in to keep the doors open during some pretty slow days!

The South Lake Union Greet the Season event is the busy time for us around Thanksgiving, and it was a great event again this year. Along with the rest of the classic vessels, the Museum of History and Industry, and the Center for Wooden Boats, we put on a wonderful holiday experience all through the park this year. Lotus was host to card-making for kids, and served as an important warm-up location for several of the choirs that participated in the event! Thanks to Carol and Todd Baker, Dan Helman, Cheri Sayer, Jeremy Wicks, and Gayle Hoffman for volunteering during the event and keeping more than 400 visitors happy!


Winter is still ahead

Joe Breskin is also hard at work on some insulated storm windows, to help keep in the heat during the rest of the long winter. We are also, very slowly, making some progress on a limited re-design of the plumbing system to expand our ever-limited holding tank capacity aboard. We plan to have a new tank and hoses in place by spring.

We're pretty much out of painting weather for the season, but there is still much cleaning and organization to be done inside and out. As our visitor numbers dip going into winter, our focus will be turning to getting Lotus ready for her summer excursions. We will be at the Historic Ships Wharf through July 15th.

As far as winter activities, we have a book club meeting coming up on December 18th, discussing the Pacific Northwest classic "The Curve of Time" by M. Wylie Blanchet.

If you happen to feel like getting Lotus a Christmas Present, we still have the following items on our Wish List:
  • Depthsounder
  • Fixed-mount marine VHF radio
  • Hand-held two-way radios, either with hand-free headsets or capable of accepting them
  • 10'-12' inflatable skiff, with or capable of accepting outboard engine
  • Plumbing and electrical supplies--miscellaneous wiring, fixtures, hose, and fittings

You can always find the updated version of the wish list on our website on the "Support Us" tab, along with information about how to volunteer or donate.

Thank you for your time and attention! Happy Holidays and best wishes to you all for the New Year!


You don't have to come down and scrape paint or scrub bilges to help out Lotus; we take donations online too!

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