Holidays, retirement and my five top tips - Tales from the Trade Counter

Tales from the Trade Counter...

Holidays, retirement and my five top tips...

Stewart Burton, Stores Manager here.
Whatever you need, we probably have it somewhere in our stores – and one of the team will be happy to find it for you.
Here are our Tales from the Trade Counter.


A 'Tantastic' time

You might have noticed that it’s holiday time – although it hasn’t stopped it being busy on the Sales Counter.
Some of my colleagues have commented on my healthy glow – this is because I went to Ibiza in June to work on my tan. I gave the clubbing a miss this time – let’s face it, I’d look a bit daft waving a glow stick around with all the youngsters – but we did spend some time on the beach, did a bit of walking and enjoyed a boat trip to an underground aqua park.
It was hard to come home, but I didn’t want to disappoint my customers on the Sales Counter – I know you missed me, even if you say otherwise…


Not the retiring kind

Speaking of taking a break – no, I’m not retiring yet, but I’ve come to the realisation that two-day weekends are just not long enough. So from this month I’ll be hard at work at usual from Monday to Thursday and hard at work relaxing from Friday to Sunday.
But don’t worry, my colleagues on the Trade Counter will be happy to help you out when I’m not around.


Stewart's five top tips

As I’m a generous soul, I thought I’d leave you with my five top tips:
  1. Save yourself some dosh. We often have special offers on at the Sales Counter so make sure you read your emails or you might miss out. Or you can always drop in or give us a bell to find out more.
  2. Swap your electric tools for air tools. They can be operated just about anywhere and, because they need a compressed air rather than an electrical power supply, air tools are less likely to walk off the premises.
  3. Invest in an at-home air compressor. We have a great stock of 1.5HP new compressors at PPS. They are ideal for home use and the perfect present for the DIY or motor enthusiast.
  4. Try anything once. If you haven’t been to the Trade Counter yet, why not drop in for a visit? We think you’ll be impressed by the range of stock we hold – and if you smile nicely you might even get a Jaffa Cake.
  5. Don’t sleep in your socks. You’ll overheat. My grandma taught me that. I know it’s not work-related but if you don’t get a good night’s sleep you’ll be no use to anyone.
That’s it for now. Hope to see you at the Trade Counter soon.


Stewart from the Trade Counter
If you’re stuck for a part and need a helping hand, don’t waste your time haring all over Halifax, drop in and we’ll sort you out – we’re open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, tel: 01422 321772.
You can pick up a copy of our latest catalogue while you’re here and we’ll even make you a cuppa – especially if you bring the biscuits.





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