Issue 1: March 2014



Is life better in the cloud?

These three universities think so

In the ever-evolving quest to “do more with less,” university IT departments are constantly on the hunt for ways to provide the highest levels of service possible, as cost-effectively as possible. As many universities are finding out, one way to do this is by moving key services to the cloud.
But the process of sending services to the cloud is not without its challenges. We spoke with three universities – theUniversity of Alberta, the University of New Brunswick and Trent University – for insights on how the move to the cloud has affected IT service delivery on their respective campuses.

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Learning for its own sake 

MOOCs at the University of Toronto

Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) are becoming increasingly prevalent on campuses across the country and throughout the world. Issues around online learning are receiving unprecedented media attention, and universities of all sizes are beginning to explore the potential of MOOCs, raising questions around the future of online learning as we know it.
At the University of Toronto, more than 740,000 users worldwide have registered for a MOOC. When surveyed, about 80 per cent of respondents  indicated that they took the course simply for enjoyment, while 30 per cent were seeking credentials for their CV. For insights into how this major Canadian university is integrating MOOCs into their academic offering, we spoke to Laurie Harrison, U of T’s Director of Online Learning Strategies.

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This Quarter's Most-Read Fast Five: IT News

  1. The 12th annual CANHEIT conference is set for May 30 – June 4 at the University of PEI.
  2. Five experts predict the innovations and trends that will impact higher education and research in the coming years.
  3. EDUCAUSE releases the Executive Summary of the 2013 Core Data Survey.
  4. Carleton University publishes infographic on the rise of wireless traffic since making it available on campus in 2004.
  5. Cyber security experts say malware threats have rendered anti-virus software ‘totally useless.'

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