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■ Wanted: PhD candidates in nuclear research
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■ SCK•CEN awarded Annual Prize for Science Communication
■ SCK•CEN Academy supports STEM
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■ ENETRAP III train-the-trainer module
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Wanted: PhD candidates in nuclear research

Do you have a passion for nuclear research and development and a recent Master diploma in science or engineering? If so, consider applying for one of the 32 new topics which have been published on the SCK•CEN Academy website.
Preparing a doctoral thesis at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre offers you the best of both worlds: you stay in close contact with the academic world and you enjoy a unique international research environment, with advanced nuclear experimental facilities and top-level guidance from our experts.

Apply now and be one of our next PhD students at SCK•CEN !

Deadline for application is March 24, 2017.
Join the SCK•CEN Alumni network

The SCK•CEN Alumni network connects SCK•CEN and all who have spent a considerable time at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre in Mol. It provides professional international networking through an online database and keeps its members informed about recent developments at our research centre.

Do you want to become a member, free of charge? Register via our website! 
SCK•CEN awarded Annual Prize for Science Communication  

The SCK•CEN Microbiology group has been awarded the 2016 Annual Prize for Science Communication by the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts with the project ‘Food from Spirulina’.

The aim of this project was to have European high school students conduct experiments with the oxygen-producing bacterium spirulina, which SCK•CEN itself is studying in the quest for solutions for lengthy, manned space missions. In collaboration with the European Space Agency, 1,000 experiment kits were being distributed to high schools throughout Europe, including some one hundred Belgian schools.

In March 2015, the youngsters started experimenting with spirulina in the classroom. In April, 100 Belgian students aged between 12 and 14 years from ten different schools were given the opportunity to share their experiences during a unique day at SCK•CEN. The absolute highlight was a live video link with an astronaut in the ISS international space station.
SCK•CEN Academy supports STEM  
SCK•CEN has signed the STEM Charter in which all partners commit themselves to broaden, deepen and increase their STEM initiatives. The STEM Charter is in addition to the STEM action plan of the Flemish Government and unites the economic, social, scientific, technological and E&T domains. 
One of the STEM activities of the SCK•CEN Academy is the organization of high school visits to the laboratories of SCK•CEN. The dates for next school year 2017-2018 are already published on the website for youngsters. Schools can start booking as of March 1, 2017.
We also offer a VIP visit to the finalists of the Flemish Physics Olympiad. This VIP visit goes beyond the traditional technical visits to the laboratories of SCK•CEN proposed to all high schools and offers the unique opportunity to execute two experiments on nuclear physics under supervision of SCK•CEN experts. 
Visit us at the Nuclear Careers Day on February 28, 2017 in Brussels  
To continue nuclear innovation, motivated young scientists are essential. The SCK•CEN Academy, together with the leading Belgian partners in education, industry, healthcare and policy, and the IAEA, is organizing the second edition of the Nuclear Careers Day on Tuesday February 28, 2017 in Brussels. This event is intended to inform students and professionals interested in a career in the nuclear sector about the possible advanced studies possible in nuclear engineering and medical applications, as well as job opportunities in Belgium and at the IAEA.

Participation in this event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory on the website of the SCK•CEN Academy.
ENETRAP III train-the-trainer module
A specialized train-the-trainer module for trainers of Radiation Protection Experts (RPEs) and/or Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs) is developed within the ENETRAP III FP7 project.

Last week, 16 participants successfully completed the first French session of this one-week course. The next session in English be organized June 26 - 30, 2017 at INSTN in Saclay, France

More information on this train-the-trainer module and the ENETRAP course modules is available online.

Register before June 2, 2017 for this unique training course!
6th International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection (ETRAP 2017)  

May 30 - June 2, 2017

Campus of Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
ETRAP 2017 provides a forum for decision makers, regulators, educational and training providers and practitioners, researchers, radiation protection experts and persons from international organizations to discuss the current status of education and training in radiation protection. The conference aims to identify trends and good practices in the area while looking to the future so that society can continue to benefit from the many uses of ionizing radiation.
About 100 abstracts will be presented on the following topics:

■  Latest developments in education and training in radiation protection
■  Education and training needs of young professionals working in radiation protection
■  Long term impact of education and training in radiation protection and its sustainability
■  Methodology of risk communication - ethics of education and training, trainer responsibilities
■  Tools and resources, methodology of training (forms of learning, approaches with different audiences and sectors)
■  Need for qualification, certification and accreditation
■  Collaborations, networks and platforms: activities and achievements
■  Integration of social sciences and humanities in radiation protection education and training
■  Outreach activities

Read more about this conference on
Upcoming courses
■ February 20, 2017 | Informatie en vorming in stralingsbescherming voor werknemers conform Artikel 25 ARBIS (Mol)
■ March 6-17, 2017 | Radiation-induced effects with particular emphasis on genetics, development, teratology, cognition as well as space-related health issues (Mol) 
■ March 16, 2017 | Triage, Monitoring and Treatment of exposed persons after a major incident | CPD in radiation protection (Leuven)
■ March 20-24, 2017 | Preparedness and response for nuclear and radiological emergencies (Mol)
■ June 12-16, 2017 | Heavy Metal Summer School (Mol)
■ June 26-30, 2017 | ENETRAP III train-the-trainer module (Saclay, France)
■ August 16-25, 2017 | Summer school in radiation biology (Mol)
■ September 18-22, 2017 | Formation en radioprotection (Mol)
■ October 24, 2017 | Informatie en vorming in stralingsbescherming voor werknemers conform Artikel 25 ARBIS (Mol)
■ October 16-20, 2017 | Opleiding stralingsbescherming (Mol)
■ November 20-24, 2017 | Radiation protection course (Mol)

Upcoming events

■ February 27, 2017 | Nuclear Careers Day (Brussels)
■ April 19, 2017 | Day of the PhD's (Mol)
■ April 21, 2017 |  Topical Day on ionizing radiation: how do bacteria cope and what can we learn? (Mol)
■ June 8, 2017 | Topical Day on luminescence dosimetry for environment, health and safety (Mol)
■ September 28, 2017 | Day of the PhD's (Mol)
■ October 26, 2017 | Topical Day 'From nuclear data to a reliable estimate of spent fuel decay' (Mol)
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