Ace of Spades Champagne Armand de Brignac Brut NV Gold Cuvee BUY NOW Recommendation.
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Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades NV Brut Gold Cuvee 

Hi Friends and Clients

I have a brilliant wine to recommend to you. This Ace of Spades is a Brut Champagne and they call it their Gold Cuvee.

Armand de Brignac is the brainchild of the Cattier family, located in Champagne in the Montagne de Reims area of France. This family have been producing Champagnes since 1763. I think its fair to say they are quite experienced after 250 years.....

Some people refer to it as Armand de Brignac others Ace of Spades, nevertheless it is currently one of the most sought after champagnes in the world. This cuvée of a Champagne is a three-way blend of the traditional Champagne grape varieties - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. They ONLY USE the absolute BEST Premier Cru and Grand Cru-rated grapes.

This champagne comes in an amazing gold bottle with a hand made pewter label. There’s no paper on this bottle and as you can imagine it looks really trendy and is very appealing to celebrities. In fact the celebrities in Hollywood are big on this Champagne its becoming quite a craze.. Every label has a subtle difference; hence, every bottle is a unique work of art.

In 2009, a thousand Champagnes were blind tasted by the world’s top wine critics and sommeliers. Ace of Spades was awarded first prize and chosen as the world’s best Champagne out of the 1000 Champagnes tasted!  Dom Perignon and G.H. Mumm came second and third. The Ace of Spades was awarded an impressive 96/100 points.

The price for this Champagnge is 2050 Euros for 12 Bottles. It’s a great deal, merchants in the UK are selling it around 10% higher. The stock is brand new and still in transit from the Champagne house, we have organised its storage for you in our warehouse in Bordeaux.

Looking at the rising popularity of this Champagne over the last few years it is on track to do very good returns for you. It's price dipped with the market after 2011 and it is pivoted at a very low price right now with good potential for growth.  There is potential for this wine to appreciate 60-70% over the hold period. My recommendation is to BUY NOW and hold for between 3-5 years.

Leonardo Di Caprio the American actor from the film titanic celebrated his 38th Birthday with  Ace of Spades. Not only were they drinking it like it was going out of fashion but they raised 3 million dollars for his foundation in the process.

The famous Rapper Jay Z, was waving it about in one of his music videos. This created a lot of popularity for the Champagne and he now serves It in his clubs and bars in the States.  

If Hollywood celebrities continue with their enthusiasm for Ace of spades the champagne house may struggle to keep up with demand.  It’s in photo shoots, music videos and a number of popular songs. Bottles have even been included in gift bags for the Oscars. They even produce a special bottle every year for the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta, a unique green metallic bottle.

Ace of Spades production is fairly limited as the Champagne house only produce (60,000 Litres) 6500 cases a year. This is nothing when you consider the publicity that this Champagne is attracting. Lafite and other First growth wines produce around 15,000 on every vintage.
A real sell for this Champagne is the gold bottle because it's very showy - But the other reason why its very appealing to the market Is because the taste of this Champagne is not bitter similar to typical champagnes which makes it an easy drinking Champagne. It is a very well made champagne and appeals to a wide audience, therefore it’s a winner.

If you need further convincing I have highlighted a list of articles and links on this Ace of Spades, scroll down and click the links to read further. 

Price is 2050 EUROS 12 Bottles (Standard 75cl Bottles)

I do think you will find this price the lowest in the market. Please make sure you are looking at the correct style of Champagne when you browse the web for prices.
How many cases would you like to add to your portfolio?

All the best

Kind regards
James Pala 


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