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Principle #6                                  by John Sikkema
All too often, as I connect with business men and women around Australia, I hear myself often saying "There's no perfect plan or perfect moment, so don't wait for it!"  

In my book, 'Enriched:Re-defining wealth', I highlight seven principles that challenge people's road blocks to pursuing an enriched life.  Principle #6 is exactly this, waiting for a perfect plan or moment is no longer an option.

People often ask me when they should jump into a second-half career or a career that is based on meaning and purpose.  I always urge them to be just as 'reckless' and impulsive as they were when they were younger.  

Too many people become more cautious and conservative as they get older, avoiding risks at all costs. Many are wanting all the 'ducks lined up' before they will take the leap of faith to act.   I know of a few mates who love the idea of a much more enriched second half but who have spent five years working on the perfect plan and waiting for the perfect moment.  If you wait for the perfect moment, you'll never get there because the perfect moment doesn't exist.  

Reclaim the spirit of adventure that defined you in your earlier years! Approach this new career with the same energy and fearlessness that fuelled your ambition when you were twenty and all you had was half a chance!


For the full outline of Principle #6, refer to pages  199-200 of Enriched-Redfining wealth, by John Sikkema.  Also available on e-book and audio. Click on book image to visit the Enriched website.


My Life's Movie
by Dr Glenn Williams

Have you ever considered what movie title would best describe your career?

It doesn’t matter if it is an action movie, drama, or even Disney!  There are some great titles to choose from: Brave, Invincible, Life is Beautiful, Tomorrow Never Dies.  Mine would be The Mission.

Dropping out of school at age sixteen, I was fortunate enough to find a job working for a multinational company in sales, where I stayed for ten years.  Influenced by the example of my parents, who dedicated their lives to helping others, I went to college, worked overseas, and returned to Australia to study to be a psychologist.  In 1990, I was privileged to launch one of the first government funded accommodation programs for homeless young people in Australia.

In 1992, I founded a unique enterprise, Pro-Fam Australia, that provided specialist programs in the corporate and community sectors.  This led to the creation of the internationally acclaimed program, How to Drug Proof Your Kids; empowering parents to address a critical issue with their children.  It is now in more than a dozen countries in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with translations in French and Arabic.

My career continued and involved relocating my family to the USA.  After almost eighteen years of working in the one global organisation, which included being a COO, it was time to move on—a much more difficult task than I ever imagined it would be.

I returned to Australia and found myself struggling with the transition.  After some coaxing by a friend, I committed myself to completing a doctorate in global leadership through George Fox University in Portland, Oregon, where I studied the relationship between leadership character and performance, and the influence of culture in shaping a leader’s values.  

I decided to attend the Halftime Institute in Dallas Texas, during which I discovered and gained clarity that my life purpose was 'to mentor and empower leaders to succeed at work and at home'.  I believe they are the two areas that make the biggest difference.  

As part of pursuing my life purpose, I developed the Leadership Capacity Program™ (LCP™) to assist leaders at work and home.  As all who have stepped into the unknown would know, the road isn't always smooth or convenient.  

Today I'm still on 'The Mission'.  The movie hasn't ended, but  one thing is for certain, I was born for a purpose greater than the status quo, and despite the challenges, I can honestly say that I'm in step with my life calling and that is truly satisfying.


Glenn Williams is a Halftime Executive Coach facilitating Executive Roundtables in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, and coaching Halftime clients around Australia, whilst expanding the Leadership Capacity Program  into Asia and USA.  For more details visit

Ngareta Linehan's Story

After 10 years as an Accountant, Ngareta spent 18 years in recruitment, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  But by the end of those years, she had lost the thrill and felt like she was just shuffling paper.  She felt trapped due to her financial obligations that included investment debts.
Ngareta went on a trip to Indiaand came face-to-face with people living in extreme poverty but saw how 'micro finance' empowered people to start a small business to provide a source of income.  She witnessed first-hand that not only did it affect the individual, but their whole family, through provision of food and education.   She could see the transformation left a legacy that would impact the generations to come.  This experience was significant in shaping Ngareta’s passion for empowering people to reach their potential and to step out in small business.

“When I met John Sikkema from Halftime, everything he said made sense to me! I wanted a methodology to move, but I didn’t know where to move or how to get there!” said Ngareta. While doing the Executive Roundtable, Ngareta embarked on training to run with the ‘Can Too’ group.  She overcame her fears, and lack of experience, and eventually became a trainer and mentor to other aspiring runners.   Over the years she eventually worked up to the pinnacle of running a marathon!  A goal which initially seemed impossible, was achievable with the process she learnt doing the Halftime course.
During the course, the ‘penny dropped’; she realised that her passion was encouraging, motivating and mentoring people for their big personal goals. With the support of her fellow Halftime participants, she started taking a step in this direction. 
From a slick highly lucrative recruitment business, to embarking on a road that only provided casual work with no commitment or stability, it meant taking a leap of faith financially. Ngareta trained to be a Trainer, and her first gig was in a Correction Facility.  “I did not seek this opportunity out, but it found me!” said Ngareta.  To her surprise she discovered she was good at it!  The students stayed (which apparently wasn’t the norm!).  God gave her the grace to connect with them, and love them.  She was training men and women with broken lives so they could achieve the things that seemed unachievable.  
After 3 years of casually working as a trainer in various Correction Centres, Ngareta recently was offered a permanent job facilitating training and mentoring participants who are long-term unemployed and have often had a hard life (i.e. addictions, previous prison sentences, mental illness, etc.)  “I absolutely LOVE it!” said Ngareta, who knows full well that this opportunity wouldn’t have come if it had not been for her stepping out a few years prior.  “Through my personal tough times of taking a giant step of faith, I am able to relate to their fears and use my experience to speak into their lives. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be!”
“What the Executive Roundtable did for me was provide:
  1. A process – There’s something significant about taking 12 months and letting it rattle and settle in your head.
  2. Acceptance – Accepting that I wasn’t the only one that was having a ‘mid-life crisis’, it was a ‘normal’ phenomenon.
  3. Support - The support from the group was phenomenal.
  4. Clarity – To know my passion and  be true to myself.  (My road map still hangs up in my ensuite!)”
“The Executive Roundtable was essential to my newfound purpose-driven life!  I became unstuck and was able to navigate my Road of Significance by being sustained in a season of uncertainty.  I’m so fulfilled now that the thought of returning to my previous corporate life churns my stomach.” said Ngareta.  
"It's stories like Ngareta's that remind me that it's not only about the transformed life of one client, it's the lives that they transform as they pursue a life of significance." John Sikkema


Saving the world one egg at a time

Take five minutes to watch Chris Ordway's Halftime Story.  Formerly a highly successful business man who was no longer satisfied, he embarked on a Halftime journey that is truly heartwarming. 


We are excited to announce that Perth's inaugural Executive Roundtable was launched early September with another roundtable group to start in November!

Currently there are Executive Roundtables running in 
 If you or someone you know would like more details about the Executive Roundtable program which will be starting soon click here

Just 5 days in NORTH INDIA to expand your leadership footprint! Join a select group of executives on a life-transforming experience. The next JUST5 is April 2016.  MAXIMUM OF 15 PEOPLE.  Applications now open ~  Click here for more details.


We are pleased to introduce our new additions to the Executive Coaching Team:

Carolyn Conway (VIC) - Carolyn coaches and empowers people to live a life of passion and significance.  Her warmth and holistic approach, enables clients to overcome obstacles and step into their world-transforming dreams. Read more.

Keith Reynolds (NSW) - Keith is a corporate coach who developed leadership wisdom while in numerous CEO roles in large companies.  He is committed to working with leaders and entrepreneurs to plan the second half of life.  Read more.

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