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Musical Theatre Factory

4X15 Round 27

TONIGHT November 29 @ 8pm
Playwrights Downtown
440 Lafayette Street, Moss Theatre
Musical Theater Factory’s 4×15 Round 27 leads with romance, rebels, a recluse and resistance! Join us on November 29th at 8PM for the hottest shit first! You get to see 4 new musicals,  15 minutes each. Each team is given just 5 HOURS OF REHEARSAL to channel their focus, passion and skill in a musical bootcamp the likes you’ve never seen before…


Book by Jeremy J King
Music and Lyrics by Sam Salmond
Directed by David Mendizabal

Creature is a modern queer variation on the Frankenstein myth, told from the perspective of the creature. Leo and his husband, David, are scientists who have devoted themselves to creating new life. In the process, David dies, and Leo puts the brain of his husband into the body of this creation. The creature comes to life. Locked in a cell, Leo teaches the creature about the world outside. As the creature learns the dark secrets of his origin, the relationship between the creature and his maker becomes increasingly more complicated. It’s an exploration of modern queer identity, told through this twisted, intimate lens.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jaime Cepero
Choreography by Ari Groover

The year? 1791. The place? The flourishing French colony of Saint Domingue. A rag tag group made up of rebellious slaves and second class citizens gather to question their place in society. Armed with nothing but their wits and prowess – and lead by a fearsomely intelligent man named Francois – they tactfully overthrow three of the most powerful political figures in France, Spain, and Britain – rocking the world as we know it. These actions eventually lead them to establish the first successful slave rebellion in history, resulting in the second independent country in the Americas – the nation of Haiti.
With a pulsing punk rock score, and a story pulled from historic events full of love, loss, and deception – Francois & The Rebels is not your typical musical. Our goal is to tell an important and forgotten history through the lens of an immersive high energy rock and roll experience. Join us in the rebellion.


Book, Lyrics and Music by Ronvé O’Daniel
Book by J Kyle Manzay
Music by Jevares Myric
Directed by J Kyle Manzay

Greenwood is a provocative new musical about the all-black community known as “Black
Wallstreet”, in the Greenwood district of 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma. Greenwood explores how an
entire community was destroyed by jealousy and hate, but was revitalized by love and
forgiveness. With an uplifting story and soulful score that fuses jazz, blues, and gospel with
classic Broadway, Greenwood is sure to be one of the most inspiring musical in years.



Book, Music, & Lyrics by David Gomez and John-Michael Lyles
Directed by Kevin Shotwell

Shoot For The Moon tells the story of Mercy, a featherweight fighter on a losing streak, who falls head-first into a surreal romance with Federico, a renowned Spanish poet. With the Harlem Renaissance as their backdrop, they charleston through speakeasies & jailhouses, as they fight for love against all odds!
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