Newsletter 1 (2015)
What should be occupying the mind and time of a leader? 

Knowing and understanding the trends and issues that are impacting South Africa makes a difference between being a figurehead and follower to being a strategic and effective leader.

Responsive strategies are a result of the quality, the timing and the type of input a leader seeks to have a sufficient lead time to lead and to react to change.

Friday, 13 March 2015 - The Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton

7:30 – 8:15: Registration & Breakfast

Ms Dudu Msomi

CEO, Busara Leadership Partners
Self-Leadership in Gaining the Competitive Edge

Keynote Speaker: Mr Nhlanhla Nene 

Minister of Finance
Increasing the Will and Confidence of the Private Sector to Unleash Domestic Investment & Growth

Panel Speakers: Ms Ferial Haffajee & Mr Elias Masilela

Editor-in-Chief, City Press & Economist
Fixing what is wrong with South Africa to reclaim our Competitive Edge

Q & A

Morning Tea

Panel Speakers: Mr Marc Lubner & Ms Portia Molefe

CEO: Afrika Tikkun CEO: UBU Holdings
The Role of Leaders in Bridging the Economic Divide in South Africa

13:20 – 13:30: Vote of Thanks

Event Details:

Strategic Leadership Seminar: 
21 Years On: South Africa Losing the Competitive Edge?

Date: Friday, 13 March 2015
Venue: The Michelangelo Hotel, Mandela Square, Sandton
R650,00 per person NON VAT.
Early bird – registration and payment by 28 February R600,00 per person NON VAT.

R3 850,00 for a table of 7 NON VAT.
Early bird – registration and payment by 28 February R3 500,00 00 for a table of 7 NON VAT.

Full breakfast & tea/ coffee included.

Registrations online only at
For any questions and clarifications, e-mail or

Strategy & Governance Seminar

Saturday, 20 June 2015 - Durban, Venue TBC

10:00 – 10:30: Registration & Morning Tea

Ms Dudu Msomi
CEO, Busara Leadership Partners
Life is a Jungle Gym, Not a Balancing Act

Issues to be covered:

  • Does Work Life Balance exist?
  • How do you prioritise
  • Eliminating guilt and regret from your life

Wyna Modisapodi
Corporate Legal Counsel, ABSA
Protect Your Interests

Issues to be covered:

  • Different types of company structures
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various company structures
  • Choosing the right company for you – single, unmarried couples or married people
  • Implications of being an employee and entrepreneur at the same time

Q & A
Lunch & Networking

Desiree Chauke
Senior Producer & Broadcast Journalist, SABC
Engage Your Emotions

Issues to be covered:

  • How emotions impact our feelings, attitudes and actions
  • How emotions determine how we interact with our environment
  • How to be self-aware and to take ownership of your responses to your emotions
  • The significance and implications of people remembering how you made them feel

Tembisa Marele
Anchor, Interface, SABC 3
Increase Your Visibility in a Positive Way

Issues to be covered:

  • Learn how to prepare for print and broadcast interviews and how to get your message across
  • Use interviews to improve your brand
  • Understand the media and its agenda
  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with the media

Q & A
Vote of Thanks

15:15 – 16:00: High Tea Close

Book Review: Raising the Bar

South Africa faces enormous challenges brought about by the legacy of its horrible past and the actions of its present. In the twenty years since the advent of democracy the country has come to believe that the ailments of its soul will be solved by state bureaucratic interventions. While at a material level this may be true, at the core of its failure to confront its demons successfully is a missing moral and philosophical foundation to the future it wants to build. Desperate to build a new, positive and uplifting narrative of itself, South Africa has failed at the task of constructing a society and instead sought to maintain a fragile truce between bitterly competing interests.

Raising the Bar provides a fresh, unencumbered analysis of the topics that pervade our daily lives, including race, leadership, politics, government, violence, the position of women and the taboos that haunt us. It explores why we are the people we have become and the future our present state is building. Uncomfortable and littered with vulnerabilities and problems, this is a task we can no longer delay. It is the only way to lay a solid foundation to ensure that we become a prosperous nation.


Compliments for 2015!

Begin with an End in Mind.
Continue living consciously.
Always remember that every decision and action has a consequence.

What you:
Focus On
Spent Time On
Expend Energy On
Spend Money On
Put your Passion On
Will Flourish!

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