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Deliberations and workshops on work/life balance should not be the focus of women only because the subject is essentially about creating harmony despite the multiple roles, not just isolated to our careers and our families, but in the entire spectrum that make up our lives. Learning to cope and thrive in multiple roles is a key leadership skill for both men and women. The issue, in its bare bones, is about living and about the simplicity or complexity we bring into our lives because of the skills, knowledge and aspirations we have or do not have. The quality of your life is determined by the way you accomplish juggling the roles you hold in your life.
Our values, personal qualities and sense of purpose are evident in the consistency, or lack thereof, in our behaviours (our habits) across all the roles we have. Our consistent behaviours communicate our character. Effective individuals become effective leaders who lead effective teams and effective organisations. 

An effective leader is more than just the sum of his or her technical or professional expertise. What makes up an effective leader are the core skills that a person acquires over their lifetime, crossing from role to role, not just limited to their job or career. This entails having and using transferable skills across the breadths and lengths of your lives.

We expend a lot of energy and spend a lot of time, even decades, developing our work talents and we tend to disregard and not apply these acquired skills in all the roles that we occupy in our lives.

Busara Leadership Partners invites both males and females who are management (from junior to executive levels) across all disciplines, business owners, company directors, CEOs, board members and board chairs to spend a couple of gratifying hours learning, reflecting and understanding the invisible barriers that inadvertently undermine their leadership and harmony in the various aspects of their lives. Being a leader is more than a position. It involves a fundamental shift in thoughts, words and deeds. ‘Life Is a Jungle Gym, Not a Balancing Act’ Masterclass will focus on leadership knowledge and capabilities that give individuals the fortitude to unlock their full potential, confidently and competently, and to own all the roles they occupy. Balance - obsessed people do not change the world. Let’s share with you what can and should tip the balance :-)
Flow of the Day

Dudu Msomi

CEO, Busara Leadership Partners
Life is a Jungle Gym, Not a Balancing Act
Issues to be covered:
  • Does Work Life Balance exist?
  • How do you prioritise
  • Eliminating guilt and regret from your life

Wyna Modisapodi

Corporate Legal Counsel, ABSA
Protect Your Interests
Issues to be covered:
  • Different types of company structures
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various company structures
  • Choosing the right company for you – single, unmarried couples or married people
  • Implications of being an employee and entrepreneur at the same time

Desiree Chauke

Senior Producer and Broadcast Journalist, SABC

Engage Your Emotions
Issues to be covered:
  • How emotions impact our feelings, attitudes and actions
  • How emotions determine how we interact with our environment
  • How to be self-aware and to take ownership of your responses to your emotions
  • The significance and implications of people remembering how you made them feel

Tembisa Marele,

Media Strategist & Anchor, Interface, SABC 3
Increase Your Visibility in a Positive Way
Issues to be covered:
  • Learn how to prepare for print and broadcast interviews and how to get your message across
  • Use interviews to improve your brand
  • Understand the media and its agenda
  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with the media

We look forward to hosting you

Date: Saturday, 9 August 2014
Venue: The Michelangelo Hotel, Mandela Square, Sandton
Registration: 10:30
End: 15:15
High Tea & Networking: 15:15 – 16:00
Cost: R750 per person & R6000, 00 for table of 7
(inclusive of morning tea, lunch & high tea)
Your partner or only one child older than 13 years of age can join us during High Tea only at no extra cost. Space limited unfortunately. You must register the extra person on the website as well for them to be allowed entry. 
Registrations online only at - Click on Events Page by 25 July 2014 at the latest. For any questions and clarifications, e-mail or

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Dudu Msomi

CEO of Busara Leadership Partners
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