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January 2015


Courses and Events for 2015:

Recent Articles:

"This is the most valuable course I have attended since leaving full time education. Unlike most other courses I have been on, it teaches skills which can be immediately used in a variety of situations..."

In-house Lawyer for Swiss Manufacturing Company | Autumn 2014 participant

Courses and Events for 2015

Core's Flagship Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills Course

Our next--and only one in this form this year-- course will run in Spring 2015! 

Full details and registration

Module 1: Wednesday - Friday, March 4-6*
Module 2: Thursday - Friday, March 26-27
Module 3: Thursday - Friday, April 23-24

* Module one is available as a free standing three day course

“I have undertaken many courses in my time, however I can honestly say that there is no course that compares with yours for making you stop and think and look inwards to challenge your own thinking and filters."

Senior Health Professional | Autumn 2014 participant

On Becoming a Mediator

Here’s what Stuart Valentine
Chief Executive of Relationships Scotland, had to say in a blog about his experience on Core's Flagship course.

"Mediation is a powerful and successful way of helping people resolve their differences. It isn’t a panacea for all of the world’s ills, however at its best it brings people with apparently irreconcilable differences to a point of mutual agreement. I couldn’t recommend [the course] more highly."

Read more here

Our flagship mediation training course offers interactive and practical learning of mediation skills and negotiation techniques at the highest level, conducted by our internationally recognised team of coaches.

Interested? Register online or contact Jolene Robinson at

Gaining an Edge in Negotiation: Leadership Workshops

Date: Monday 18 May 2015

Edinburgh, 0830 – 1200 
Glasgow, 1330 – 1700

Led by John Sturrock

"Rarely do you get to be on a course with a facilitator who has such a broad range of knowledge and experience and is able to apply it in such a skilful, relevant and tactful manner".

UK government senior civil servant | 2014 workshop participant 

Topics Include:
  • How our Brains can impede – and help – problem-solving
  • Language and tone in communications – why it matters
  • Overcoming an obstinate opponent: Get past no and turn lose-lose to win-win
  • Gaining an edge in negotiation: ten tried and tested techniques
Registration details

Limited to 30 places at each location at £175 plus VAT each; 2 or more places at £145 plus VAT 

Multi-Party Dialogue: the Challenge of Climate Change

Date: Friday 29 May 2015

Venue: tbc

As we head for the vital COP conference in Paris in December 2015, how can we engage diverse groups in a meaningful discussion about the real interests and issues which the challenge of global warming presents?
Join us for a day-long event in which everyone participates, alongside subject matter experts, in a facilitated dialogue about what really matters, how we can deal with it and whether we can realistically make a difference.

This event is preceded by a dinner and conversation on the evening of Thursday 28 May with a special guest in which the topics we will tackle will include whether our capitalist economic system and addressing the causes of climate change are fundamentally out of alignment. The question of the age?

If interested in attending either the dinner or dialogue, please contact Jolene Robinson.

Residential Summer School: Mediation Skills for Leaders

Dates: Sunday 30 August @ 1630 – Wednesday 2 September @ 1630

Venue: At the superb Blair Estate, 20 minutes from Glasgow Airport

Further details


 Use this experience to go on and achieve accreditation in our Mediator Competency and Assessment Modules:
Dates: 29 and 30 October and 5 and 6 November

Location: Central Edinburgh

Limited to 16 places; early bird rates available.

If interested in booking your place, please contact Jolene Robinson.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Conversations about Conflict

Dates: Monday 25, Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27 August 2015 (evenings)

Bring guests and colleagues for an evening of inspiration, insight and invention.

Mark your calendar! Details to come...

Recent Articles

Policy Piece: Making Better Use of Mediation to Resolve Disputes

John Sturrock's paper on the potential benefits of mediation's role in dispute resolution and policy making in Scotland, including recommendations to promote its greater use.
Read here

Communication key to solutions 

It is our privilege to do our utmost to help people reach an outcome which addresses their needs and restores dignity, writes John Sturrock.

AS another year dawns, it is good to reflect. How privileged many of us are: we are given opportunities to help people who face difficult and important matters. Often these have a significant impact on the lives of those affected. Each deserves to be treated with dignity. I read recently that simply respecting one another is not enough....

Read more

Lawyers as Leaders 

Five tips to get your voice heard in the boardroom, by Liz Rivers

“They call us the Business Prevention Unit”

“They just see us as a box to be ticked”

Is this you? Do you want to be seen as a strategic contributor to the business, but end up being called in at the last minute to rubber stamp a bad decision that has already been made?

Read Part One | Read Part Two

Starting out 

The latest blog by John Sturrock

"I recently had occasion to reflect on how it feels to go back to what we do after a break. The first emotion is fear. It's been a while. You're not sure how it will go. Last time wasn't too great. You feel tentative and rather self conscious. Just getting started is a struggle....

Read more

Mediation in Politics: Enhancing the Political Process

John Sturrock's chapter from a book written and compiled by David Richbell, entitled How to Master Commercial Mediation, recently published.

....The idea that many of the world’s problems are much more complex than dualist thinking (yes/no) permits is not new. In reality, many of the conflicts within and between nations, whether political, economic or social, are multi-dimensional, finely nuanced, layer upon layer. There are no easy, right or wrong solutions....

Read more
"I wish particularly to associate myself with Elias LJ's pointing out that this is a case crying out for mediation. All disputes between neighbours arouse deep passions and entrenched positions are taken as the parties stand upon their rights seemingly blissfully unaware or unconcerned that they are committing themselves to unremitting litigation which will leave them bruised by the experience and very much the poorer, win or lose. It depresses me that solicitors cannot at the very first interview persuade their clients to put their faith in the hands of an experienced mediator, a dispassionate third party, to guide them to a fair and sensible compromise of an unseemly battle which will otherwise blight their lives for months and months to come."

Mr Justice Norris in a boundary dispute in Oliver v Symons [2012] EWCA Civ 267

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