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“Just a quick note to say many thanks for all your efforts and assistance during the mediation ... It was all carried out in such a way that it provided a cordial approach to a process that could have been anything but. Your comments on dignity and respect were well placed and I feel that the final outcome left all parties with an acceptable solution."
MD of a client in mediation

Negotiating in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

"Negotiating in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is an experience to relish. I’ve recently returned from three days in that wonderful city, helping lawyers, judges and mediators to expand the use of mediation in commercial disputes, inspired by the excellent work there led by Asiyan Suleymanoglu ....However, I suspect that my unexpected transactions in the Grand Bazaar will live longest in the memory."  Read more here.

Core is planning an Advanced Negotiation Workshop over two days in Istanbul in 2016. The learning will include a visit to the Grand Bazaar to experience a real-life negotiation followed by reflection and learning. Not to be missed. 16 places available. Let us know if you are seriously interested by contacting by 15 January 2016. Dates to be confirmed.

Another View from the US

John Sturrock writes: When I recently worked in Istanbul, I shared a platform with one of the greats from the USA, Bruce Edwards. Bruce has been working as a commercial mediator since 1985 and is one of the founders of JAMS, the largest US mediation service. Bruce and I had a great time, sharing many similar views as we discussed the potential to develop commercial mediation in Turkey. A Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators (an honour which I am privileged to share), Bruce has written about the future of mediation under the title: "The Business of ADR is Changing"

"Those of us who have been in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for the past 25 years have seen it grow from an industry in modest infancy to thriving adulthood. In the beginning, we grappled with a business model of franchisor or franchisee. Mediators were challenged by potential conflicts of interest and were constantly in danger of being labeled as anything other than 'neutral'....."

More here.

Using Mediation Skills: 2016 Courses

Places filling in the Spring School....6 Early Bird places left.....
Spring School:*
Using Mediation Skills as a Professional
25 - 27 April 2016 
Residential Summer School:*
Using Mediation Skills as a Leader
28 - 31 August 2016

Module 2: 
Building Mediator Competence 
Spring: 26 - 27 May 2016
Autumn: 27 - 28 October 2016

Module 3: 
Spring: 2 - 3 June 2016
Autumn: 3 - 4 November 2016

* Note that the Spring School and the Summer School are available as free standing three day courses. They are also a prerequisite, as Module 1, for attending Modules 2 and 3.

You can find more information about our Flagship Mediation Training Courses here

Register here for early bird rates.

For any questions or to express your interest, please contact us at 0131 524 8188 or email

What they say about our training

“I trained in negotiation at Harvard in 2000. That has been enormously influential in my thinking but the Core mediation training has made me think differently, to see the other party’s viewpoint through a different more empathetic set of lenses and has helped me develop and refine a set of skills that are transferrable to any part of everyday life. The quiet determination of the Core tutors is something I have learned from and I will reflect upon – whilst I was being challenged hard during the course there was an ethereal air of calm which was stimulating.”
Dame Sue Bruce, former Chief Executive of Edinburgh City Council

"Completing this course is honestly the best thing I have ever done. Such a privilege to be part of, and a huge enabler for me to reset my vision for where to go next."
Jo Maclennan, Head of Partnership Development for the integration of health and social care, Scottish Government

"I thought that the course was fantastic. Easily one of the best that I have ever been on. We learned skills and techniques that I will put to use every single day. John, Charlie and Liz were all first class."
Gareth Hale, Dispute Resolution Partner, Maclay Murray and Spens, Solicitors

"Core Solutions training in mediation is first class - easily the most transformational course I have ever attended. The learning and skills developed have already paid dividends, unlocking some challenging situations and delivering results within days. John Sturrock and his colleagues are leaders in their field and freely shared their expertise with warmth, compassion and joy. If you have the opportunity to attend this course do all you can to make it happen."
Oonagh Gil,  Deputy Director, Enterprise, Cities and Tourism, Scottish Government
Some younger aspiring participants ask if they might be too inexperienced to participate: if you aspire to excellence and are a creative thinker, this for you!

Women Leaders…Become the leader you want to be! 

Two day workshop with Hetty Einzig and Liz Rivers

Four spaces left.....

March 21 and 22, Edinburgh

“I highly recommend this course. It gave me time to think about me, my business and my leadership – I left feeling completely inspired, re-invigorated and raring to go.” 
Rachael Mills, Director, SE2 Ltd

You will learn how to:
  • Make the most of your unique skills, talents and strengths
  • Identify your purpose
  • Deal with negative people and situations
  • Develop and protect your own energy sources
  • Understand the difference between leading and managing
  • Overcome your fears of being visible
  • Get more done with greater ease and less effort
  • Cultivate a solid core of self belief so you are less dependent on the opinions of others
  • Speak powerfully - be persuasive and compelling
How it works:
The workshop is highly practical, combining precious space for reflection with focussed action. Hetty and Liz are known for the high degree of trust they create, allowing you to “drop the mask” and be seen for who you really are.

Read more and register here.

No Compromise?

‘No compromise'. That was UK Sport’s mantra in the lead up to the London Olympics. High performance sport is characterised by its commitment to world-class excellence. “Good enough” is not good enough. Only the highest levels of performance will do.

In my own extensive work with UK Sport and other sporting bodies and individuals, I have been struck by the fine margins between success and failure. A milli-second, or a micro-millimetre, can make all the difference...

Read more

Latest from Harvard

What makes a good mediator? And how is it that mediators—who themselves lack any power to impose a solution—nevertheless often lead bitter disputants to agreement?

Of course, serious mediation training and substantive expertise are critical, as is keen analytic skill. But according to a survey by Northwestern University law professor Stephen Goldberg, veteran mediators believe that establishing rapport is more important to effective mediation than employing specific mediation techniques and tactics.

Read more here.

And here is a great piece from Harvard about innovation – what if the Titanic passengers had used the iceberg as an emergency life raft? 
"Find innovation where you least expect it" 

Core Festive Reading

Great stocking fillers for your less cooperative friends!

“The Dance of Opposites: Explorations in Mediation, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution Systems” - Kenneth Cloke

“The Art of Thinking Clearly” - Rolf Dobelli

“Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling” - Edgar Schein

“Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies”  - C. Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer

“Together: the Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation” - Richard Sennett

“Mandela's Way: Lessons on Life” - Richard Stengel         
“Getting to Yes” (yes, again!) - Roger Fisher and William Ury

“Getting to Yes with Yourself” - William Ury

"The Art of Negotiation" - Michael Wheeler


Festive Greetings from Core!   

To all our readers and those with whom we have done and do business, a very happy Christmas - and a healthy and fulfilling 2016. As we ponder the extraordinary stresses we all face globally - whether migration, climate change, terrorism, resource depletion, potentially catastrophic failure of anti-biotics - let's also look forward with hope and remember all the good work which is being done by millions of people in all walks of life to make the world a better place.

The Final Word

"We have certainly left with a very good impression of you and Core, hopefully won't be too many disputes around the corner, but I know where we will come....."

In house solicitor with UK/international distribution company

A Final, Final Word

John Sturrock writes:

Six years ago I attended the COP conference on climate change in Copenhagen with Charlie Woods, our associate at Core. In retrospect, it was a real disappointment. We came away with a profound sense that, to address the critical problem of climate change, real cooperation and collaboration was required, where interests trumped positions among the nations of the world. 

What we have recently seen achieved in Paris seems to be just that. A remarkable acknowledgment that our collective global interest requires a response which transcends political stances, parochial needs and partisan posturing. It will need huge efforts to implement what is proposed, of course, and there is always the fear that it will not be enough. However, Paris represents a shift in thinking which we should all welcome. Perhaps it might become a model for other such negotiations too. Let’s hope so. 

At Core, we have sought to promote dialogue and collaborative discussion about climate change in recent years, including our two significant events this year, and I have been involved personally in a number of initiatives in the past several years. We can’t claim any credit for Paris but we can acclaim these developments as a move in the right direction. They could be a game-changer.



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