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April 2014


Bullet Core's Rebranding 
Bullet Core’s First Dispute Management Summer School 2014
Bullet Enhanced Flagship Course: Autumn 2014 
Bullet Commitment to Respectful Dialogue
Bullet A Dialogue on the Future of Scotland
Bullet Read John's Article in The Scotsman
"If she could refuse to sunder friendships with people who fundamentally opposed her on the issue upon which she spent her life, then so can we all...If she could debate without venom, so can we all. If she could respect the right of the other side to their opinions, so can we all."
Jim Sillars, commemorating his wife, Margo MacDonald, 25 April


Core's New Website and Rebranding

You may notice that Core’s logo and branding has been updated, and our website is being redesigned to reflect this – we will be going live with the new site soon. For many years Core has been a pioneer of mediation and collaborative problem-solving in Scotland, with a focus on high quality leadership and training; refreshing our brand plays a key role in supporting our innovative edge in the field.
We have also moved office. Our new contact details are:

Core Solutions Group                     Phone: 0131 524 8188
10 York Place
EH1 3EP 

Core’s First Dispute Management Summer School 2014

31 August - 3 September 2014

Advocacy, Communication, Conflict Strategy, Mediation and Negotiation

For those who wish to strive for excellence in all that we do when advising and representing clients and others with disputes or other difficult situations. Our aim is to explore the critical practices in advocacy, negotiation, mediation and facilitation that give us that extra edge, making the difference between minimum competence and excellence in what we do. We will include material and resources to give more in-depth understanding of some of the latest insights in the field.

Topics include:

  • How we think, how we act and our values
  • Emotion: what it really means and how we respond
  • Cognitive Traps, Psychology and Neuro-Science: what we learn and how much to adjust
  • Self-Awareness: mindfulness and being present
  • Breaking Logjams: what really works?
  • The Rituals of Communication, Negotiation and Mediation: starting and finishing well
  • Advocacy: the essentials of persuasion
  • Questions: what really works to get to the heart of a matter?
  • Preparation: do we really do it?

There will be opportunities to create and practice critical stages in negotiation, mediation, advocacy and facilitation. We have chosen a very attractive country venue (Blair Estate in Ayrshire, just 20 minutes south of Glasgow airport:
For further information, click here.

Enhanced Flagship Course: Autumn 2014

Early Bird Rate available!

Core's Flagship Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Management Skills Training Course is coming up this autumn, featuring an enhanced program and content. Our most recent course was fully subscribed many weeks in advance and it has been well received: “The presenters and other contributors were superb practitioners. Never seen better.”

Module 1: Introduction
1 - 3 October 2014
An intensive introduction to the foundation skills for effective conflict management, negotiation and mediation, using discussion, case studies and role play.  

CPD: 24+ hours
Module 2: Building Mediation Competence
30 - 31 October 2014
Build and refine your mediation and negotiation skills, through practical application and video feedback. Work on a full mediation, using a case study in: 
Commercial Contract & Professional Negligence; Workplace, Management & Employment; or Construction and Property. 

CPD: 16+ hours

Optional Practice Day
19 November 2014 
Refine and enhance your mediation skills prior to the assessment days 

CPD: 6+ hours

Module 3: Optional Assessment

20 - 21 November 2014
As an intensive practical experience in the skills of effective conflict management, negotiation and mediation, you will learn from some of the most experienced mediators in the UK.
Click here for more details and to register. Early Bird deadline is June 30, 2014.

Commitment to Respectful Dialogue
Collaborative Scotland ( has been established, with Core’s support, as an initiative to help stimulate discussion and foster more respectful, constructive and collaborative dialogue in connection with the independence referendum.
The first achievement was to encourage over 100 people to sign up to a Commitment to Respectful Dialogue - and that number increases daily. More importantly, we hope that many people will take this Commitment and use it in conversations about Scotland’s future – and indeed about other important issues too.
Click here for the text which has been featured in full page advertisements in Scotland’s national newspapers. Please consider adding your name to the Commitment by subscribing here.


A Dialogue on the Future of Scotland

Date: Wednesday 21st May
Time: 5.30-9.30
Venue: Edinburgh Training Centre, St Mary’s Street

This will take the form of facilitated conversations, with all those taking part having the opportunity to experience playing the roles of some of the various interested parties in the discussions about the future: Yes, No, Maybe, plus England, Northern Ireland, Wales, other institutions like the EU....who else? We'll decide on the evening....

Thus, you may have to step into someone else’s shoes and view the matter from a different perspective, always a challenging and enlightening experience! We'll pose questions about the process, and encourage ventilation of many of the issues which concern people. It should be both fun and enlightening.

We'll also reflect on our journey with Collaborative Scotland so far....and the next steps. Timing is 5 for 530 until 930. Venue is the Edinburgh Training Centre.

Click here for more details to register.

There will be a small fee of £20 to participate, just to cover costs. You are welcome to pay more if you'd like to support the continuing work of Collaborative Scotland.

Read John’s article in The Scotsman
Finding Common Interests is Way to Mediate, published 10 March 2014
“In 1919, a group of industrialists, financiers and traders founded the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and called themselves “the merchants of peace.” They were determined to bring economic prosperity to a world that was still reeling from the devastation of World War 1.
Over the years, the ICC has fulfilled that role. Its activities seek to implement the pledge in the ICC’s constitution “to further the development of an open world economy with the firm conviction that international commercial exchanges are conducive to both greater global prosperity and peace among nations...”
Read more here.


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