Let's Garden! AUGUST 2016 Workshops at GFE
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Saturday, August 6th, 2016 | 10am - 12:00noon

Saturday, September 10th 2016 | 10am - 12:00noon

There's nothing better then getting your hands in the dirt! This class will teach you everything you know to get your own compost pile going, and how you can make your soil exceptional.
GROW YOUR OWN FOOD THIS AUGUST: Monthly Vegetable Gardening with Carey
Saturday, August 6th 2016 | 10am - 12:00noon

San Francisco is a great place to grow your own food! But, we have lots of tips for our tricky climate whether you are growing in containers or in the ground, from the Mission to Ocean Beach. We'll cover it all!
Saturday, September 17th 2016 | 10am - 12:00noon | SFPUC class

You know you want a beautiful blooming garden, but you just don't where to start. Or maybe you have garden but want to elevate it to the next level of awesome. This class will cover how to design your space, ensure you pick plants that will bloom and thrive, all without using much water!

URBAN BEEKEEPING: Part III, Honey Extraction
Saturday, September 24th 2016 | 10am - 12:00noon | SFPUC class

Your hive is buzzing and the bees are producing comb, honey and wax. What next? Learn how to harvest your backyard bounty in Part III of our beekeeping series.

Please note! The garden will be closed Saturday, September 3rd for Labor Day weekend. We'll see you the following week - at our party! Read more below!
Apply by Friday, August 12th

For 20 years Garden for the Environment has trained the next generation of urban agriculture advocates in the Bay Area through our renowned Get Up! class. Just about every urban agriculture project in San Francisco was founded (or is currently managed) by a graduate of this three-month urban agriculture training - and you could be next!


Want to know what we teach? Check out last year's course syllabus!

Applications due: Friday, August 12th

September 10 to December 7, 2016
Every Saturday from 10am to 3pm at Garden for the Environment
Some Wednesday evenings (7 in total) from 6:30pm to 9pm, location TBD
Fall Garden Party | Saturday, September 10th | 4pm - 7pm
$25 admission/Free for children under 10 | All funds support GFE!

We'll be firing up our cobb oven to cook some garden grown pizzas, barbecuing in our outdoor classroom, host live music, beer tasting, and be showing the neighborhood around our 1/2 acre urban oasis. 

We have lots of exciting plans for the next year of gardening in San Fransisco - and we need your help! With your support we can bring more kids out to the garden for field trips, buy seeds to grow organic produce, and help with many repairs our garden needs after 25 years of foggy summers. Join us September 10th! Hope to see in the garden!

Interested in donating to, or sponsoring, the event? Find out more here!

Now Accepting Applications for Laundry-to-Landscape Graywater Program!

The SF Public Utilities Commission recently launched the residential Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) Graywater Program.  TheL2L Graywater Program provides a discounted L2L graywater kit, free installation training, an optional in-home consultation with a graywater expert, and a hardcopy of the Graywater Design Manual for Outdoor Irrigation

For more information about the L2L Graywater Program including program guidelines and application, visit sfwater.org/graywater.
August 5th - 7th | Golden Gate Park

Headed to this year's Outside Lands music festival? Come say hello! We'll bring our worms and expert garden knowledge to answer all your plant and composting questions. Find us in EcoLands near the Panhandle stage!

We're deep into the heart of our summer harvest program. Each week we send a box of fresh fruits and veggies to G House, a part of Larkin Street Youth Services. This month the box has been packed with pears, green beans, zucchini and a few of these very cute, sunset grown strawberries.

Follow us @gardenfortheenvironment to keep up with the garden this summer as we continue the harvest all our bounty.
Stone Fruit Caprese

It's mid summer and hopefully we're all busy. With trips to the river, evenings outside while the sun is still out and long days at ocean beach, cooking is often not the priority. Grilled items are kept incredibly simple, and it seems quite convenient that most summer produce doesn't need much doctoring - tomatoes with a little salt, avocado smeared on some toast, or corn grilled until caramelized.

I love caprese salad in mid summer - so easy, incredibly seasonal and pairs well with nearly anything. While I could never tire of an in-season tomato, I mixed it up a few years ago with some friends and used ripe peaches instead. We served it with grilled lamb chops and a big green salad and it was perfect.

Peach Caprese

3 ripe peaches
1 ball of the freshest mozzarella you can get your hands on
A few basil leaves
Really good olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

Cut up your ripe peaches into not too thick, not too thin slices. Slice your mozzarella similarly and layer on a plate, alternating between peaches, basil leaves and cheese. Drizzle with your good olive oil, a small amount of balsamic and finish with a dusting of salt. Enjoy!
By Stephanie Pressler, Opa's Garden


The summer season brings an abundance of fruits and vegetables to our gardens, but one of my favorite summer plants are sunflowers! These bright blooms are incredibly easy to grow, and once the seeds are established, don’t require much water. I am always so impressed and amazed by just how many different sunflower varieties there are - stems with single flowers versus multiple flowers; flowers that are small and delicate versus huge and heavy; long, smooth petals versus short, fuzzy petals; and a spectrum of colors that range from soft, buttery yellows to deep, dark purples.

Sunflowers are enjoyed by pollinators as they bloom, and the seeds make great bird food (and human snacks!) when the flowers start to dry out. One of my favorite things about sunflowers is that, if you leave the dry sunflower heads in your garden, the seeds will often drop or be scattered by birds and will reseed themselves to grow more blooms the following summer!  

Sunflowers photos by Stephanie Pressler, from her beautiful garden project in Santa Rosa, Opa's Garden
Okay, maybe it's just me, but when I think about our lovely California native buckwheat (Eriogonum) I am reminded of summers in San Francisco.  This lovely low-growing shrub will tolerate heat, wind, drought, fog and salt spray.  Which is pretty much what we experience on any given afternoon in July.  As we break-out the puffy coats (which were never really packed away from winter) this little charmer sends up rounded clusters of showy white, red or yellow-orange flowers (depending on the species), teasing a smile from even the most fog-soaked admirer.  

Garden for the Environment teaches youth and adults in San Francisco to garden organically. Founded in 1990, GFE provides hands-on education to 2,000 youth and adults each year at its ½ acre organic teaching garden. 

The Garden for the Environment is a non-profit Park Partner of the San Francisco Parks Alliance. We are supported by donations from gardeners like you, workshop fees, and with support from public and private foundations and the City and County of San Francisco.

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