March - April 2015  |  Issue # 2
Timket, Ethiopia (2015) Life & Peace Institute
Timket, Ethiopia (2015) Life & Peace Institute

Editor's Note

No state or society is mono-religious. As this special issue of Horn of Africa Bulletin illustrates, believers in mutually exclusive and competing confessional statements of faith, distinct and segregated ritualistic practices with different holidays on the calendar, demonstrative dress codes and mannerisms, and hostile perceptions and mutual suspicion of one another, live side by side in towns and villages across the Horn... Read more

Najum Mushtaq
Life & Peace Institute

Addis Ababa public space an arena for religious rivalry

By Kindeneh Endeg Mihretie

The prominence of religion in the public space is one of the dominant features of life in today’s Addis Ababa. This essay discusses interreligious rivalry and competition, involving Orthodox Christians, Protestants and Muslims. continue reading


Images in a cracked mirror - Muslim and Christian perceptions of each other in Kenya

By Mike Brislen

Some observers have characterised the relationship between Christians and Muslims in Kenya as one of longstanding conflict.[1] The recent Al-Shabaab attack at the university in Garissa, where reports indicate that Christian students were especially targeted, may seem to confirm this observation. continue reading



More in this issue

The case of Kadhi courts in a secular Kenya

By Hassan Ndzovu


Somalia: the changing spectrum of Islam and counterterrorism

By Markus Virgil Hoehne


Dynamics of religious resurgence in the Horn

By Terje Østebø 

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Horn of Africa Bulletin, Volume 26, No. Issue 2 , March - April 2015

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