July-August 2015  |  Issue #Issue 4

Mobility within the Horn of Africa and introducing HAB Forum

The current thematic issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin (HAB) on migration within the Horn of Africa is seminal and timely. Mobility in the Horn of Africa takes a multiplicity of forms and is central to the livelihoods of millions. The dearth of studies on the issue coupled with the tendency to focus on one form of mobility i.e. refugees, has meant that other types of intraregional mobility have tended to be overlooked. It is, however, important to be sensitive to terminology. It is becoming increasingly common to see the terms ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ conflated in media and public discourse. The generic term ‘migrant’ obscures the dire traits that drive migration within and from the Horn and which would make such populations refugees or asylum seekers, protected under international law. This is especially relevant in the current context when political resentments are easily stoked against ‘migrants’ and impugning motives for migration politically expedient for governments. The authors of the articles in this issue of the HAB often use ‘migrant’ which our readers should not understand to exclude the category of refugees. Continue reading

Migration Priorities and Normative and Institutional Frameworks In the IGAD Region

By Mehari Tadelle Maru

The governance of migration is one of the major global issues of our time. This article examines the state of migration and its governance in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region, comprising Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. continue reading


Migration and Asylum in the Horn of Africa: Causes, Factors and Possible Solutions

By Ibrahim Farah,Sekou Toure Otondi

Migration across the east and Horn of Africa sub-region is not a novel phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is contemporary idiosyncratic migration patterns and trends within and across the east and Horn of Africa sub-region that this article aims to contextualize. continue reading


More in this issue

To and From the Horn of Africa: the Case of Intra-Regional Migration in South Sudan

By Kwesi Sansculotte-Greenidge

A New EU migration Agenda: the Valetta Conference

By Mirjam van Reisen


  1. South Sudan: Keeping Faith with the IGAD Peace Process
  2. The Compromise on Resolving South Sudan’s Conflict: How IGAD’s New Peace Offer is Unsustainable
  3. Two Fronts, One War: Evolution of the Two Areas Conflict, 2014–15
  4. The African Garrison State: Human Rights and Political Development in Eritrea

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Horn of Africa Bulletin, Volume Volume 26, No. Issue 4 , July-August 2015

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