May-June 2015  |  Volume 26 Issue 3
Image: 26th MEU Djibouti LCAC Landings, by Sgt Chris Stone, identified by DVIDS under Creative Commons
Image: 26th MEU Djibouti LCAC Landings, by Sgt Chris Stone, identified by DVIDS under Creative Commons

Opportunity, Location and Strategy: Djibouti’s Geo-Political Rise

Djibouti has always been defined by paradoxes and anomalies. It is the sole Francophone country in the Horn of Africa. It has also been in relative terms, an oasis of stability and peace in an otherwise volatile and conflict-prone region. In spite of Djibouti’s obvious geo-strategic significance, it has until recently been overlooked by the media and received negligible attention in academic literature.  Continue reading

Djibouti between opportunism and realism: Strategic pivot in the Horn

By Patrick Ferras

In light of recent events (the attack against the restaurant La Chaumière in May 2014 and the massive influx of refugees from Yemen), the name of the small Republic of Djibouti regularly appears in articles and comments from journalists. This article begins with a focus on the emergence and evolution of Djibouti by analysing its major assets and the reasons for a strong foreign presence which give Djibouti the status of the most important city- military garrison in Africa. continue reading


La vie politique djiboutienne à l’épreuve des élections législatives de 2013:vers un rééquilibrage des rapports des forces?

By Aden Omar Abdillahi

Les élections législatives de février 2013 et la crise politique postélectorale ont bouleversé les habitudes politiques à Djibouti. Contrairement à un certain point de vue pessimiste, ces événements ont enclenché un processus de changement. continue reading



More in this issue

Djibouti and the Somali conflict: Permanence, evolution, and constraints associated with a commitment to a complex crisis

By Mohamed Omar Youssouf


Les relations multidimensionnelles entre Djibouti et le monde arabe

By Djama Omar Idleh


The political economy of geo-strategic location and infrastructure development in Djibouti: National and regional ramifications

By Zelalem Tesfay Gebreegzabhere



  1. Djibouti: Changing Influence in the Horn’s Strategic Hub
  2. Between Somaliland and Puntland: Marginalization, militarization and conflicting political visions
  3. Questions and Challenges Raised by a Large Scale Humanitarian Operation in South Sudan
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Horn of Africa Bulletin, May-June 2015, Volume 26 Issue 3

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