September-October 2016  |  Vol 28, Issue 5

This current issue is topical and timely. The large numbers of people from the Middle East and Africa fleeing conflict or poverty and heading to Europe, have generated intense media focus and policy attention from a range of state and multilateral actors. This HAB issue coincides with the one-year anniversary of the Valetta Summit on Migration held in November 2015  which involved African and European states as well as international intergovernmental organizations such as the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU) and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).  This issue of HAB lets you be the judge on what has changed – or not changed – in the Horn of Africa one year after the much-publicized Valetta Summit and what the latest migration developments means going forward for the sub-region.

Inter-state and multilateral collaboration on migration and mobility in the post-Valetta era: Key issues

By Ibrahim Farah,Sekou Toure Otondi

This article aims to examine key patterns and issues in inter-state and multilateral collaboration on migration and mobility in the post-Valletta era. The article will also look at the interplay between states and regional institutions in the formulation and implementation of normative policy frameworks as well as the successes and challenges in the post-Valletta Summit. continue reading

The impact of externalization and securitization of border protection and asylum processes

By Ibrahim Farah,Valentine Opanga

This article looks at the impact of externalization and securitization of border protection and asylum processes within the context of migration and mobility. The article will briefly look at greater risks for refugees and migrants, the impact of human trafficking and smuggling, and some of the emerging issues from the field of migration and mobility. continue reading


More in this issue

What does closing the Dadaab refugee camp mean?

By Hawa Noor M


No Lessons Learned: Europe's unconditional engagement with the Eritrean regime

By Nicole Hirt


The Valetta Summit and the Eritrean refugee crisis

By Daniel Mekonnen



  1. Going on Tahriib: The Causes and Consequences of Somali Youth Migration to Europe.
  2. We Kissed the Ground: A migrant’s journey from Somaliland to the Mediterranean.
  3. Human Trafficking and Smuggling on the Horn of Africa-Central Mediterranean Route
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Horn of Africa Bulletin, Volume Volume 28, No. Issue 5 , September-October 2016

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