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February 2017                                                                                       
Carbon assets: The Kabaung Forest Reserve in Myanmar, where ITTO project RED-PD 038/11 Rev.3 (F) helped build capacity for implementing REDD+ in the context of sustainable forest management.
Photo: Myanmar Forest Department


ITTO’s continues sustaining tropical forests in 2017

Dear reader,
Welcome to our first edition of Tropical Forest News for 2017. Scroll down to get the latest news on ITTO's work and other developments in sustainable tropical forest management and the tropical timber trade.
I wish you enjoyable reading.
Steven Johnson

Workshop strengthens CITES implementation on trees

The International Workshop on Tree Species in CITES, convened on 7–9 February 2017 by ITTO, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the Guatemalan Nature Foundation for Life (FNPV), has made recommendations to strengthen the implementation of CITES regulations for listed tree species to ensure that trade is legal, sustainable and traceable. Read more
ITTO co-organizes international conference on sustainable mangrove ecosystems

Mangroves are among the world’s most productive ecosystems, producing a wide range of goods and services and supporting the livelihoods of millions of coastal-dwelling people. But the area of mangrove forests is decreasing in many countries due to poor management and rapid development. This conference, to be held on 18–21 April 2017 in Bali, Indonesia, will recommend approaches for sustainably managing mangrove ecosystems as a contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. Go to the conference site
ITTO video in other languages
Videos & publications from ITTO-funded projects and activities
  • The video Sustainable management of mangroves: Cameroonian women at the forefront demonstrates the importance of mangroves for the river communities of Codel, Lonji and Manoka in Cameroon, who depend on mangroves for their livelihoods and to satisfy a range of daily needs. The past degradation of local mangrove ecosystems has had severe impacts on the communities, and local women decided to act to restore the mangroves near their communities. ITTO project PD 492/07 Rev.3 (F): “Participatory rehabilitation and management project for mangroves and watersheds in the coastal area of the Douala/Edéa Wildlife Reserve” has been supporting activities in the communities, such as the establishment of a mangrove nursery and the reforestation of degraded mangrove areas.
  • Managing mahogany plantations in the tropics: field guide for farmers, an output of ITTO project PD528/08 Rev.1 (F): “Towards sustainable production of mahogany species in plantations in tropical Africa”, is a practical guide to the establishment and management of mahogany plantations. The book has ten chapters covering descriptions of the various African mahogany species, seedling handling, the life cycle of the mahogany shoot borer, the maintenance of mahogany stands, silviculture, the integration of mahogany into agricultural landscapes, and wood-quality assessment. The guide will be useful for farmers and other smallholders growing mahogany as well as policymakers, researchers, extension officers and organizations wanting to encourage the sustainable supply of mahogany in West Africa.
  • Guyana timber grading rules: revision 2016 was prepared by the Guyana Forestry Commission as part of ITTO project PD 687/13 Rev.1 (I): “Strengthening the performance of the wood processing sector in Guyana through building local capacity and enhancing national systems that promote forest product trade and sustainable utilization of forest resources”. The standardization provided by the revised timber grading rules will promote international recognition and acceptance of Guyana’s timber and wood products and encourage the use and marketing of lesser-used timber species. The revised rules draw heavily on grading rules used in the main international markets for Guyanan timber (especially lumber), with the aim of reducing differences in expectations between sellers and buyers.
  • Análisis de vulnerabilidad de comunidades vinculadas a las cadenas productivas forestales [Vulnerability analysis of communities linked to forest production chains] and Estudio de mercado y trazabilidad de los productos forestales en Guatemala [Market study and traceability of forest products in Guatemala] are outputs of ITTO pre-project TFL-PPD 040/13 Rev.2 (M): “Creation of a program to strengthen the traceability of forest products of legal origin in Guatemala”. The aim of the pre-project is to improve the traceability and legality of forest products from Guatemalan forests, analyze the traceability and legality conditions of forest products in Guatemala, and develop a project proposal to establish effective monitoring and control mechanisms.
  • Manual de buenas practicas Rurales [Manual on good rural practices] is a product of ITTO project RED-PD 045/11 Rev.2 (M). Its aim is to assist farmers on the coastal plains of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico to increase the productivity of their fields and grazing lands by using trees to produce woodfuel, fruits and fodder; stabilize soils; store carbon; assist water infiltration; and generate other benefits. The widespread deployment of such uses would increase the economic value of coastal forests in the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Pacific region and thereby encourage their sustainable management.
  • The comic book Tiempos de cambio [Times of change], an output of ITTO project RED-PD 045/11 Rev.2 (M), illustrates how climate change is affecting the lives of forest communities across the tropics. It is intended to raise awareness of the importance of conserving tropical forests for the well-being of humanity.
  • Social and environmental safeguards for REDD+ programme in Myanmar is an output of ITTO project RED-PD 038/11 Rev.3 (F) aimed at strengthening capacity in Myanmar to develop and implement REDD+ to enhance the provision of environmental services and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases through sustainable forest management. Available in Burmese and English.
Tropical Forest Update
Meeting in November 2016 at its 52nd session, the International Tropical Timber Council appointed Dr Gerhard Dieterle as ITTO’s new Executive Director for the next four years. A citizen of Germany and the first ITTO Executive Director from a consumer country, Dr Dieterle is highly qualified for the post, with 35 years of experience in national and international forest policymaking. Also in this edition:
  • Continuing the work on criteria and indicators (C&I)
  • The participatory development on C&I in southeastern Mexico
  • How well are companies implementing SFM?
  • The ITTO–CITES Programme in Latin America
  • Impact assessment of the ITTO Fellowship Programme
  • The pros and cons of free-trade agreements
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Top tropical timber market headlines

The latest report by ITTO’s Market information Service features the following news items:
  • Industry in Brazil concerned over revised timber transport control system
  • Will they or not? Rumors of 20% log export tax in Cameroon
  • Shop-fitting and home renovations the growth areas in South African market
  • Indonesian furniture businesses relieved that TPP is doomed
  • Stock of unsold homes weighing on Indian construction firms
  • Risk of yen fluctuations drives down size of Japan’s orders for imported plywood
  • Indonesia makes big impact at IMM Furniture Fair
  • Strong opposition from US companies to border tax idea
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International Conference on Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems: Managing a Vital Resource for Achieving the SDGs and the Paris Agreement
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8–12 May 2017, Cotonou, Republic of Benin
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27 November–2 December 2017, Lima, Peru

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