Additive Manufacturing Opportunities
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Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the Whole New World of Manufacturing Opportunity
In the past two months HARBEC’s team has been attending and participating in numerous industry workshops, tradeshows, and conferences. Like many other companies, we attend these events to learn about the latest technologies and to stay informed about the latest trends in our industry.  One of hottest trends we’ve experienced at trade shows this year has been the rapid advancement of additive manufacturing and 3D printing solutions for manufacturing.
HARBEC has been using additive manufacturing tools and technologies since the 90s. During that time we’ve experienced a dramatic evolution in the potential of additive manufacturing (AM) techniques.
There is seemingly limitless potential with regard to the current state of capabilities in AM and 3D printing as manufacturing solutions. AM and 3D printing technologies have evolved to be faster, less costly, and they provide tighter tolerances and offer a wider array of materials and finishing options than ever before. As a result, traditional methods of product design and manufacturing stand a chance of being turned on their head.
Whether the current state of AM is viewed as disruptive or complementary to your manufacturing operation all depends upon your openness and willingness to embrace the opportunity this technology can offer. AM is opening a whole new world of innovation and sustainable manufacturing opportunity that will enable the manufacturing economy to be more resilient, flexible, resource efficient, responsive, and responsible.
This June Solutions Newsletter provides insight and perspective on how AM and 3D printing will transform manufacturing as we know it. Features of this Solutions Newsletter include our most recent blog, “Creating a More Sustainable World in 3D” and our poster on “Additive Manufacturing Basics.” Please also see useful references and links to information on AM and 3D printing. 



Creating a More Sustainable World in 3D

Do you see your world in 3D...Where the dimensions of economy (profit), environment (planet), and society (people) are equally considered in the realization of your manufactured product? Traditional approaches to manufacturing have relied far too heavily on resource intensive processes that don’t always balance the needs of society with the profit goals of the enterprise or the environmental protection that is required for the earth to maintain a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. 

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an appropriate name to describe the technologies that build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, whether the material is plastic, metal, concrete or one day…..human tissue. Read more...

Additive Manufacturing and Prototype Guide

Check out our latest Design Guide (DOWNLOAD

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MIT Develops 3D Printed Material with Variable Topology

...MIT researchers have developed a new method of manufacturing soft materials through the use of AM. By combining both hard and soft materials in a single object, researchers have created a material that can change its surface topology on demand. A squeeze can bring out pre-programmed textures, and other manipulations offer the possibility of rerouting fluids inside an object. Read more...
Rapid Ready Technology

Press Release:

HARBEC, Inc. Enhances its Rapid Prototyping Capability, Adds EnvisionTech’s ULTRA® 3SP® 3D Printer to its Additive Manufacturing (AM) Offerings
Read more... (pdf)

Can Additive Manufacturing be a vehicle to a more sustainable future?

Additive manufacturing and the rise of 3D printing having been hitting the headlines a lot recently, prompting debate about the environmental risks and opportunities that are evolving as a result these technologies. So, it's perhaps not surprising that these opportunities and risks were among the issues being considered at last month’s iMADE workshops in Brussels. Read more...

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