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Acting the part by Ellor, ZR (Zabae R.), author.

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Acting the part

"Playing a lesbian warrior on a hit TV show, queer actor Lily Ashton orchestrates a fake-dating scheme to save their on-screen love interest from being killed off while coming to terms with their own gender identity"--

The awakening / The Awakening by Epps, Omar, author.

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The awakening / The Awakening

In a climate-ravaged New York deeply divided by class, Zuberi, Uzochi, and Lencho, three teens of refugees from a fallen African utopia, begin to develop supernatural powers.

Belittled women / A Story of Three Bickering Sisters, Two Cute Boys, and One Average Jo by Sellet, Amanda, author.

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Belittled women / A Story of Three Bickering Sisters, Two Cute Boys, and One Average Jo

When a famed photojournalist shows up to document her family's "Little Women Live!" attraction, Jo, who is rebelling against living in the shadow of her literary namesake, discovers that real life is much more complicated and messier than fiction.

Born Andromeda by Watts, K. M.

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Born Andromeda

Come Out, Come Out, Whatever You Are by Foxfield, Kathryn

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Come Out, Come Out, Whatever You Are

Cruel illusions by Fuston, Margie, author.

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Cruel illusions

Eighteen-year-old Ava Perry leaves the safety of her foster care home and joins a troupe of vampire-hunting magicians, believing that she finally has her chance to discover the truth behind her mother's death.

Fraternity by Mientus, Andy, author.

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"In the fall of 1991, sixteen-year-old transfer student Zooey Orson falls in with a group of boys who share the same secret--one which they can only express openly within the safety of the clandestine gatherings of the Vicious Circle--but when the boys unwittingly happen upon the headmaster's copy of an arcane occult text, they unleash an eldritch secret so terrible, it threatens to consume them all"--

Friends like these by Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn, author.

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Friends like these

At Tegan Sheffield's end-of-summer party, a prank backfires with devastating emotional and criminal results for seventeen-year-old Jessica Healy, her boyfriend Jake, and their best friends.

House of yesterday by Zargarpur, Deeba, author.

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House of yesterday

Struggling with her parent's divorce and her grandmother's dementia, fifteen-year-old Sarah Khan tries to distract herself in a home renovation project but instead finds the house is full of dark family secrets that give rise to ghostly apparitions.

The hunger between us / A Missing Friend. a Starving City. by Scott, Marina, author.

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The hunger between us / A Missing Friend. a Starving City.

When her best friend disappears in the summer of 1942, Liza resolves to rescue her no matter the cost, entangling herself in an increasingly dangerous web with two former classmates, one a member of the militia and the other forced to live in Leningrad'stunnels.

I was born for this by Oseman, Alice, author.

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I was born for this

The Ark, a boy band, is the center of life for super-fan Fereshteh (A.K.A. Angel) Rahimi, transgender front man Jimmy Kaga-Ricci, and friend and bandmate Rowan, but their relationships become complicated when Jimmy and Angel are unexpectedly thrust together.

I'll get there, it better be worth the trip - 40th anniversary edition by Donovan, John, 1929-1992.

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I'll get there, it better be worth the trip - 40th anniversary edition

While trying to cope with his alcoholic mother and absent father, a lonely New York City teenager develops a confusing crush on another boy. Includes essays by Brent Hartinger, Martin Wilson, Kathleen T. Horning, and Stacey Donovan.

In the city of time by Clare, Gwendolyn, author.

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In the city of time

After an experiment goes wrong, three science prodigies from two differnet time periods meet in a strange, seemingly adandonded city, and burdened with a glitchy time machine, an android time cop hot on their trail, and some tangled temporal mechanics tounravel, they set out to save the Earth.

Jasmine Zumideh needs a win by Boyer, Susan Azim, author.

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Jasmine Zumideh needs a win

After lying on her college admissions, seventeen-year-old Jasmine needs to win her senior class election, but the Iran Hostage Crisis explodes across the nightly news and her opponent begins to stir up anti-Iranian hysteria at school causing Jasmine to reconcile with her identity in way she never has before.

Lumara by Landers, Melissa

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Never ever getting back together by Gonzales, Sophie, 1992- author.

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Never ever getting back together

"Eighteen-year-old Maya Bailey enters a reality dating competition to get revenge on her cheating, royal-adjacent ex-boyfriend, and she ends up falling for another girl on the show--in fact, the girl he cheated on her with"--

No Accident by Bates, Laura

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No Accident

Pretty dead queens by Donne, Alexa, author.

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Pretty dead queens

Not long after seventeen-year-old Cecelia Ellis arrives to live with her estranged grandmother in a coastal California town, the high school homecoming queen is found dead and Cecelia, fearing a copycat killer is on the loose, throws herself into the investigation.

Salt and Sugar by Carvalho, Rebecca, author.

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Salt and Sugar

"To save her family's bakery, Salt, which as been at war with the Molinas' bakery, Sugar, across the street, Lari Ramires does the unthinkable by teaming up with Pedro Molinas to save both their bakeries, falling in love in the process"--

The shattered city by Maxwell, Lisa, 1979- author.

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The shattered city

Hunted by an ancient evil, Esta and Harte have raced through time and across a continent to track down the artifacts needed to bind the mystical Book's devastating power, and now, with only one artifact left, they must find a way to end the threat they have created or the very heart of magic will die.

Suck it in and smile by Beaudoin-Masse, Laurence, 1989- author.

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Suck it in and smile

"Every day, Ellie motivates her hundreds of thousands of followers to become the best versions of themselves by posting videos of exercise routines and high-protein breakfast recipes. Far from the shy teenager that she was, she is now in a very public relationship with singer Samuel Vanasse, and together they have become one of the most popular influencer couples in the country. She has succeeded. She shines. And yet, Ellie worries that her life is not as flawless as she makes it seem on YouTub

Sugaring off by French, Gillian, author.

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Sugaring off

Partially deaf, seventeen-year-old Owl feels the most free hiking the forested areas around her family's New Hampshire farm, but the apperance of Cody, a magnetic young man hired to help with the sugaring off, forces Owl to make difficult decisions abouttheir relationship and her relationship with her family.

This is our place by Martins, Vitor, 1991- author.

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This is our place

The house at Number 8 Sunflower Street tells the stories of three teenagers who have lived within its walls in the 21st century--Ana, a lesbian forced to leave her home, Greg sent to live with his aunt when his parents divorce, and Beto, a would-be photographer living during the COVID pandemic.

Torch by Miller-Lachmann, Lyn, 1956- author.

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"When 17-year-old Pavol fatally sets himself on fire in Prague in 1969 to protest the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, his three best friends must figure out how to survive an oppressive regime without him"--

Wait for me by Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

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Wait for me

As a seventeen-year-old sophomore at NYU, Casey wears different disguises to fit in, but when she starts hearing voices and seeing visions, she travels to a remote beach town and searches for answers.

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