Vogel's Spring update for Fair Shake Village
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Greetings in the name of the One who is enough!

Within a few days of returning to Liberia we were able to move to Fair Shake Village in one of the incomplete apartments in the Gathering Center.   Our friends there have been facing various challenges with inflation, government confusion and shortages of commodities.  When Covid-19 came along, Liberia, like most of the rest of the world, put restrictions in place and declared a state of emergency.  By His grace, we were already in our ministry location so much of what we needed to do was able to progress.  Although, our larger gatherings were not available to us, we have still been able to grow relationships and have worship services with the workers who live on site while completing the Gathering Center.
The deaf students came to see us soon in Buchanan and several of the guys decided to come up and help with the Gathering Center.  They have been doing it all: painting, brushing, trenching, filling,etc.
Because of your generosity and willingness to share in this work, funding for the Gathering Center’s completion is in place.  We’ve even been able to add some necessary updates to the ministry.  Things like: moving the container from Buchanan to #3, improving the road leading to the mission, landscaping to minimize erosion and getting a small backup generator for the unforeseen electrical needs. One of the biggest challenges is the plumbing and the poor workmanship that created numerous water/waste line leaks.  But again, by His grace, these are being corrected little by little.
The Gathering Center now boasts the Fair Shake Village colors.  The first photo shows the 4 gentlemen who oversee various aspects of the work demonstrating their great skill and talent 
The finishing work now is mostly painting and getting the floor laid in the largest area of the gathering center.   The floor is a special challenge as we have the block for the school stored there so we’re getting into the next phase of this ministry, so we can complete the Gathering Center fully.  In that vein, we have completed the foundation correction and the pouring of the floor for the first 2 classrooms.  Rainy season is upon us and yet God provided two back to back sunny days to get that job done!  A real blessing!!
The first two classrooms now have their floor!! When weather and funding permit, the walls will go up and a roof put in place enabling us to clear out the large area of the Gathering Center to officially finish it.
One of the blessings we have had is coming alongside the Deaf School and MODUC in Buchanan.   Because of the Deaf School (Winningway) we have been able to give some of the older deaf boys an opportunity to earn some spending money and grow relationships with them.  It is a joy to get to see them day in and day out and encourage them as they face the challenges of being minimized in the culture.  One of the ways the deaf school works to support itself is by raising pigs.  We have helped by buying two, butchering one and sharing the meat with the community during this “sheltering in place” environment.
Esther Smith has continued working with the orphanage (MODUC) since the passing of Mother Beh and she continues to work with each of the children the best she can.
Because of the interest and generosity of a couple in the states, we were able to get a well in a nearby community started.  It won’t be long before that community will be able to give thanks for this gift, done in the name of and to the glory of Jesus!!
Our community has had little connection with the virus, but death has not ignored us.  A young man was killed by a falling tree while clearing a farming area. 3 younger people have drowned swimming in a local creek. A 3-year-old died of an unknown sickness. We get to mourn with them and we get to rejoice with them.  People recovering from malaria, typhoid; a baby boy born; and the blessings keep coming.  Because there are only screens in our windows and no glass, we HEAR IT ALL.  We are blessed beyond measure.
Corporate worship is adjusted here as well. On the left, we gathered with local congregations.  On the right we gather with our workers to worship who live at the Gathering Center with us. Some of the guys still don't get social distancing 
Thank you for what you do to make this work possible.  It doesn’t get done without you.  Thank you for all your involvement and what it means to Liberia, to us and to Him!!
Because of Him,
Ken and Carolyn Vogel
Fair Shake Village - Liberia
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Prayer Focus

1. Praise Him for the full funding of the Gathering Center!!

2. Praise Him for our Liberian friends who keep on striving to honor God with their lives.

3. Praise Him for the near completion of the Gathering Center

4. Petition Him for the people and government of Liberia in these challenging economic days

5. Petition Him for others to come alongside people share in what Jesus has done and is doing!! 

6. Petition Him for the strength to continue the task.
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