Vogel's March update for Fair Shake Village, Change Agent Network-Midwest
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Greetings through our life-giving Father!

Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. John 12:24 (NKJV)

In this time of year as we celebrate the realization of what God has given us in Christ by raising Him from the dead, we rejoice in all that He is doing and has done to provide hope; even in a world filled with death.


These past weeks haven’t slowed down our ministry opportunities.  Carolyn has recovered to a very functional level and has returned to “normal” (Does anyone really know what normal is?).  We have been working at getting a Bible story time for a few of the young people in the neighborhood and teaching some sign language to interested youth. We are having an evening Bible study from time to time in the backyard when the mosquitoes permit.  Carolyn has been helping the local deaf school put together a proposal for long-term vision and sustainability. Ken continues offering extra classes at Liberia Christian High, preaching in area churches and offering leadership training for a group of area ministers.
This is the work crew that spent nearly 4 weeks molding the 16,500 blocks needed for the Gathering Center. This is part of the ministry of For The Lamb with Jesse and Jessica Phillips.  A real blessing!

Here is what has been happening at the gathering center:
  1. The well is dug and casings formed (Thanks to Hope 2 Liberia).
  2. The footings and foundation are in place
  3. The roughed-in plumbing is in place and the slab is poured.
  4. 16,500 block were molded (While this is less than we had hoped, it is several thousand more than enough for the Gathering Center. Early rains and other logistics kept us from meeting our original goal.  This in no way will hinder the building of the Gathering Center, the first phase of the Fair Shake Village complex)
Well casings cured and ready to be installed.  Also some of the 16,500 blocks in the 2 week curing process. Ready to be used when funding comes in.

All the above mentioned work is completed and funded.  With the blocks in hand and rainy season coming we would love to be able to move to the next step of this first phase.  This would include building the walls, casting the second floor slab and getting the building under roof.  The whole Gathering Center project was estimated at $150,000.  Because of God’s grace and a surge in giving all of this first step is accomplished ($30,000).  It was amazing to see how He worked in peoples’ hearts for these funds to be available.  This next step will require $55,000 and we have nearly $15,000 on hand. Simply put, we are $40,000 away from moving forward with this next step (2 of 3) in completing the Gathering Center.  Because of the heavy rainy seasons that can come here, having the building enclosed and under roof is the goal for this stage.  Please pray to see if He wants you to make this happen.  There is a great deal to be done!!


The Gathering Center concept is not unfamiliar here.  The design of the building gives it potential for a variety of uses.  Here are just a few:
  • A place for vocational training (a wide variety of options are needed. Including: teacher training, farming, baking, fish farming, small engine repair and…. Whatever will help the community move toward creating a sustainable environment)
  • A place for area ministers to meet, encourage, pray and study together
  • A place for a deaf school to begin
  • A place for family events to be hosted
  • A place for sharing and discussing ideas for the community
  • A place for adult literacy
  • A place to start a school
This is why the Gathering Center is the first building at Fair Shake Village.  From it the beginnings of so many different options that will be focused on what God has called us to be while living and being part of a community.
Foundation completed and ready for the rough in plumbing and floor casting.  This was completed earlier last week.  The walls and roof and casting of the second story floor are next when funding is in place!! You have made this happen. Thank you!

April is our last full month in Liberia.  When we return in May we would love to make time to visit with you and share what we see God doing here.  Please be in touch ( so we can begin to plan.  Within this very general framework we will be in these areas at these times:
Texas area                 mid-May to early June
Utah area                   July to early August
Florida area                last of August to early September
Midwest area             October to November
ICOM Peoria, IL         November 16th through 19th
Texas area                 December

You are a blessing to us. Our Savior died, was buried and rose again not only to allow us to have a future with Him, but also a present Presence that should demonstrate that same death, burial and resurrection in our day-to-day living.  May this Resurrection celebration produce in each of us the resurrection living the world must witness to get a glimmer of His love!!

Thank you for your obedient love!
Ken and Carolyn Vogel
Change Agent Network, Missouri
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Prayer Focus

1. Praise Him for His healing power in Carolyn's healing from her motorbike injuries,

2. Praise Him for our Liberian friends whose faithfulness encourages us daily.

Praise Him for the teaching, preaching and discipling opportunities we are having.

4. Praise Him for the completion of step one in the three step process of building the Gathering Center

5Petition Him for the funding and construction of the second step in the completion of the Gathering Center at Fair Shake Village.

6. Petition Him for strength as we finish our sixth month in the tropics.  He has blessed us immensely!!

7. Petition Him
for the workers who faithfully share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their leadership.

8. Petition Him for the Liberian Presidential election scheduled for October 2017.
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