Vogel's March update for Fair Shake Village
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Greetings in the name of the One who “was and is and is to come” (Revelation 4:8 - NIV84)!!


On April 1 Mary Beh, founder and director of MODUC (Mission for Orphaned, Disadvantaged and Unaccompanied Children), took up a much better residence and found complete healing by the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Even in knowing this, so many are filled with a sadness for the separation we are now feeling.  Her wisdom, compassion, understanding and demonstration of love made the hope we have in Christ visible.  In her life, the love of Christ became tangible.  I understand that some of her last words were: “Take care of my kids”.  Over 40 children who found a new mother in her will now need to learn to move forward in life with hope.  Please be in prayer for them, the family and all of us who loved her and will miss her immensely.
Our role with Mary and MODUC has always been to encourage.  We don’t see that role changing.  Thank you for all of those who, knowing of Mary and her love for the children, have stood with her in that ministry.  The work continues!!
Carolyn and Mary Beh several weeks ago sharing news from one of the many people in the States who knew and loved her.

Thanks to the quick support of several of you, we were able to send three people to the Farming God’s Way training in Ganta.  One aspect of the training led us to ask the same question that God asked Moses – “What do you have in your hand?”  What a joy to see the implementation of the training as soon as we got home.  We have a vacant foundation sitting next to the guest house here in Buchanan.  With a few seeds, Joseph began preparing and planting within a day of returning home.  It is exciting to see how the understanding gets applied and realize what is learned here in Buchanan will be foundational to the agricultural training that will be done in the #3 district at Fair Shake Village.  Thank you again to all who supported this endeavor.  Any funds not put to use for the training at Ganta will be used for the beginning of the agricultural ministry at Fair Shake Village.
Joseph Sawkpo, Mayson Railey and Ken were challenged and blessed by the training at Ganta for Farming God’s Way.  We are very grateful for the provision several gave to make this possible.

One of the requests we get frequently from pastors is for resources, particularly for study bibles.  After making an appeal last year, we received a few study bibles and we shipped them over.  Last week, they arrived and I was privileged to give one of them to one of the pastors near Fair Shake Village (see photo below).  Always a blessing to be able to share in this way.  If you have gotten a new study bible and the old one is not being used, let us know and we’ll figure out a way to get it over here.
We have been visiting some of the churches in the Fair Shake Village area to get to know them and their needs and love for Jesus.  Interacting with the community has been increasing as we have been able to stay several nights at the Gathering Center while it is under construction.  As we have grown relationships in Buchanan, the connections near Fair Shake Village now start to increase.  Carolyn has enjoyed getting to know some of the ladies as they came alongside her when she began hauling block (See her Facebook post: ). 
Pastor Harmon, like many pastors in Liberia, has a second job to provide for his family.  It was a pleasure for us to give him this study bible.
We both have enjoyed getting familiar with more of our neighbors at Fair Shake Village.

The roof is completely on!!!  That was the milestone to mark the completion of Phase 2 of the Gathering Center, the “under roof” phase.  So many gave and kept on giving to help us reach this mark.  Several had been blessed to be able to give larger amounts. 
Now we have begun the performance of Phase 3.  This is the final phase for this building’s completion and already the community is greatly encouraged by its presence.  There is a great deal to do in this phase AND a great deal has already been accomplished!  So far, security bars and exterior security doors have been installed; ceiling tiles are in upstairs; a large portion of the exterior walls have been covered with the textured coating; the water tower has been constructed; a large portion of second floor tile laid; dressing (plastering) of the window openings, columns and other exposed concrete is mostly complete; the plumbing fixtures have been bought and several have been installed; and the moving and securing of the block for the school!
We received a great boost from Hope2Liberia who will be helping with a water system installation complete with solar pump.  Their team will be arriving mid-May to get the initial equipment in place.  This is such a blessing and will help make community water even more assessable.  Right now, we estimate that over 300 individuals are helped daily as they come to get water from the well with the hand pump at Fair Shake Village.
To bring the Gathering Center to completion will mean accomplishing these tasks: window screens, kitchen sinks and cabinets, railings and other security doors, first floor tile, paint, sealants, etc., front and side porches, generator room, solar electrical system, first floor ceiling tile/soffit, doors, locks, hinges, locks, and finally, furnishings!!!!  The most expensive part of this is the solar electrical system (about $8,000).  We now have bids on everything so to complete the Gathering Center, allowing for overages, will require approximately $38,500.  We appreciate what everyone has done to allow us to make it thus far.  Now to finish.  Please consider if this is something God would want you to be involved with as we trust Him to complete this part of the ministry.  Thank you, again!
Phase 3 begun in earnest at the Gathering Center!!  Floor tile, ceiling tile and paint are just three of the areas that are well under way.
Ken and Carolyn Vogel
Fair Shake Village - Liberia
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Prayer Focus
1. Praise Him that finally Phase Two is COMPLETED!!

2. Praise Him for the life of Mary Beh and all the influence of her life.

3. Praise Him for the Farming God's Way training received and being implemented.

4. Petition Him for the Hope2Liberia coming in May to begin work on a  of the Farming God’s Way training.

5. Petition Him for the safety of workers at the Gathering Center. 

6. Petition Him for the needed funds for the completion of the Gathering Center.
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