Vogel's September update for Fair Shake Village, Change Agent Network-Midwest
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Greetings in the name of the God who invites us into His story,

We pray that each of you will be strengthened in the purposes and plans that God would bring about in you through His story transforming your story to His glory!


Ken had the privilege of attending this gathering this month in Houston, TX.  While not being an expert in what all orality means for the gospel, here are a couple observations from the years of work we’ve done in Liberia.
  1. Liberia is filled with oral-preference learners.  Story is embedded in the culture. So many of the African (Bassa, in our location) parables are stories summarized in a few words or a sentence.  These parables are used to encourage, implicate and cause one to do some moral reflection.
  2. The scriptures are filled with story – God’s story communicated to man to help understand His nature, purpose and “conclusion”.
It will be a joy to encourage pastors in Liberia to share in this story in ways that help oral-preference learners connect with God’s story to make an eternal difference.  This is one of the goals we have as we return.


The indication from Ken’s blood work is that there is no significant change in the situation.  We are SO grateful to God and to you for your prayers in this regard.  Medically, the next blood work will be at least 6 months from now.  That means we are ready to return to Liberia for 6 months.  We are currently planning on an early November departure.


One of our main goals this time is to be able to spend more time up at the #3 district growing relationships.  As we get to know the community and their perceived needs and goals we can better determine possible training programs we may be able to assist with.
Construction will begin on the Gathering Center at Fair Shake Village. This 10,000 ft2 facility will be the beginning location for multiple ministries (Deaf school, school, pastors gathering, etc.) The total cost of this building is $150,000 and we are 10% of the way there.  We need contributions to come in within the next month to get a healthy start on this construction.  These may be sent to:
    4275 Liberty Ridge
    Desoto, MO 63020

Daniel Biah has been heading up the beginnings of construction.  He will need all the prayer support you can give him as he continues in this work.  He has been a great blessing to us and to this ministry.
Daniel is a recognized leader in his community. His work in this ministry is invaluable.
While Daniel oversees this construction, Carolyn and Ken will be laying groundwork through developing relationships in the community.  Ken, in particular will be making contact with area pastors, praying with them and asking them what the biggest challenges they face in shepherding their flock.  He will also keep exploring the way community leaders assess the community needs and encouraging them to take on some of their biggest challenges, whatever they may be!
Carolyn will attempt to identify the members of the deaf community (government research discovered over 50 in this area) and establish relationships with them to be better able to determine priorities among the basic needs: early childhood intervention, a deaf school and adult literacy. Carolyn also hopes to have opportunity to volunteer at the local government clinic and participate in their health program.
While in Buchanan, Carolyn will continue to plugin at the clinic and deaf school as time and energy allow.  Ken will continue to keep contact with schools, the MODUC orphanage and the various churches.
Many have asked how they can help.  Here are several areas:
  1. Please be sure that your prayers are always greatly needed and appreciated, especially for Daniel Biah in his leadership role.
  2. The construction of the Gathering Center mentioned above needs people willing to give sacrificially to get it done.  The cost is $15/ft2.  How many square feet could you buy?
  3. We have purchased our airfare and we would be helped greatly by anyone wishing to contribute toward the $2860 cost. 
  4. Also, our support for our time in Liberia through 2017 is about $4000 under total budgeted needs.
Thank you for the blessing of knowing you and sharing in His kingdom’s ministry!
Ken and Carolyn Vogel
Change Agent Network, Missouri
If you know of others who may want to be receiving this, please share this with them or have them request this from us at or

Prayer Focus

1. Praise Him for Ken's health assessment being favorable.

2. Praise Him for the many renewed and new contacts for the work in Liberia.

Praise Him for the Liberians we've been able to fellowship with while stateside.

4Petition Him for the funding and construction of the Gathering Center at Fair Shake Village.

5. Petition Him for wisdom as we move forward trusting His leading and guidance.

6. Petition Him for our nation in this rather unsettled election. May we acknowledge His Lordship as He brings History to His conclusion.
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