Vogel's April May update for Fair Shake Village
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Tomorrow, June 7, is a scheduled public demonstration in Liberia.  Its organizers have called for it to be peaceful.  The economy continues to slide, issues of justice seem to have no conclusion and the state of mind of the people is downcast.  Specifically, pray that this demonstration leads toward a positive addressing of the nation’s woes and that peace would rule the day in the addressing of the grievances.  We could easily provide a litany of challenges that the people face there, but we know there is no perfect human government.  Yet we also know that God’s plan for leaders in governments, as He told King David, was: …‘He who rules over men must be just, Ruling in the fear of God. 2 Samuel 23:3b (NKJV).  So, to me, praying for any leader would include God’s will for that leader.  Without heeding that crucial instruction many a nation will fall.  Liberia is 5 hours ahead of CDT so…LET US PRAY NOW!
A privilege to share on Resurrection Sunday in Monrovia where one of my students from the '70s has ministered for years.


We were privileged to participate in the going home ceremony for Mary Beh.  Over 1,000 were in attendance.  Ken was honored to be asked to share in a tribute for Mother Beh, as were many others.  The service approached 5 hours and it spoke so loudly to the type of person Mary was.  Please continue in prayer for the family and the children of the orphanage.
As we stated before, our role with Mary and MODUC has always been to encourage.  That role hasn’t changed.  Esther P. Smith who was virtually a lifelong friend and, for the last several years, the hands and feet of MODUC has assumed her rightful leadership role.   One of the things Mary couldn’t do was relocate the orphanage.  The location is not the safest.  Land is already owned for building and there also appear to be other options presenting themselves.  Please pray for Esther as she navigates this necessary change and transitions with the children in wake of Mary’s death.
At Mary's funeral all of the orphanage children sat on the floor near the front for the 4 plus hours of the service.  Every now and then, some would move up and sit under the casket, touching it and mourning.

Thanks to the ministry of Hope2Liberia we now have a solar pump operational at the Gathering Center in Fair Shake Village.  Their visit was just long enough to get the job done and to establish/enhance some blessed friendships due to sharing a common call to Liberia.  God blessed their (our) travels in so many ways which made it possible to accomplish what needed to be done quickly.  Roads that had been questionable a week before were now amazingly travelable. (Can someone sing: “…and the rough places plain”?)  Their trip was just before our departure to return stateside so there will be some plumbing work to correct when we return.  The big blessing is now we can keep the reservoirs on the towers filled by the strength of the sun and the blessings of His Son.
Lots of prep and God's provision made this installation a quick one.  So grateful for what the Hope2Liberia ministry and crew do in Liberia

We have returned stateside for Ken’s annual and semi-annual checkups.  These begin next week.  As soon as we find out the results we will be able to make better plans for traveling.  Would you like a visit, call, or specific email?  Let us know and we’ll be in touch to see what will work.  As we are in the 3rd and final phase of the Gathering Center, work will be done on the building while we are gone as funding comes in.  More of an update on this next month!
There are always opportunities of one sort or another in Liberia so if you are sensing God’s leading, please be in touch.  We would love to talk with and pray for you!

Blessings to you all!!
Ken and Carolyn Vogel
Fair Shake Village - Liberia
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Prayer Focus
1. Praise Him that Phase Three on the Gathering Center is well underway!!

2. Praise Him for so many Liberian workers who serve Him faithfully no matter what comes!!

3. Praise Him for the strength to do what God puts before us to do.

4. Petition Him for the leaders and people of Liberia as the June 7th demonstration takes place!!.

5. Petition Him for the MODUC orphanage, the Beh family and Esther Smith as she leads this ministry.

6. Petition Him for the needed funds for the completion of the Gathering Center.
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